We aren’t going to take it anymore

I just found this article and I love it. It says what has been in my mind that I am trying to figure out how to say. I think that Obama has done something he didn’t expect, he has awoken the moderate voter. You know the person who really doesn’t feel strongly about either party. But, now they do, they are getting angry with the democrats. We are watching our retirement go down the drain as the stock market reacts to the stimulus package. If you want to see an interesting chart, look at a stock market chart of the market since January 20th. Oh, and after the stimulus package was signed the market took a dive. Remember that the stock market does not respond to the past, it looks to the future. And, right now people are not betting on the future looking any better.

Anyway, back to this article that really gives a good view of how people are reacting. Something that the MSM has decided is not worth talking about because as they see it the public don’t know nothing. Umm, in reality I think we get it a lot better than they realize. Could that be why so many media outlets show incredible losses. The last I heard the NYT is worth less than the price of their Sunday paper. To me that says more about what the public believes than what you read in their paper.

Oh, here is the article


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