More thoughts on the Occupy groups

In some ways I don’t know quite what to say about the ongoing protests by the Occupy group. As you will see from previous posts, I felt that they didn’t quite get the idea of protesting against big corporations when they were using products of the groups they were protesting against. Then, I realized that they are somewhat like the Tea Party group, except there are a bunch of them that realize that they are being paid to protest by the liberal politicians. Then, I noticed how much the democrats are trying to align with the groups much as the republicans tried to do with the Tea Party. Both parties have tried to play others against these groups and because they are in some ways hijacked by politicians, it enables them to once again play us against each other while they attend cocktail parties together after work. While there are some things that the two groups disagree with at the same time there is one big issue that the two groups totally agree on politicians have forgotten that they are elected by WE THE PEOPLE and let themselves be controlled by special interest groups. Now, I might actually agree with the occupiers a bit more if they were not embraced by so many special interest groups. Sadly, this is not the projection that they have done on the truly grassroots that started the Tea Party. Granted I do think some people and groups have tried to tie themselves to the Tea Party they really haven’t gotten the support of the Tea Party.

Sadly, while I have watched some groups in some cities be able to work to have a crime free protest, most cities have had a high amount of crime associated with those who are part of the protest. Of course, they also say that they don’t want those 99%ers to be welcome at their protests. But, I read something yesterday that totally changed my mind about this group. There is one little thing that they don’t realize or perhaps a few do and that is when you look at how good even the poorest in this country have it, we are all the 5% of the world that are the wealthiest. As I hear them tell their hardships stories, I realize that it is all about what they don’t have and what others have. But, there are a lot of people who would think they have a lot more than a lot of people. What I don’t hear them talk about is something other than what they have identified as the problem, what are they doing to make changes to the situation. Even before they protested, do donate their money or their time to make a change? Perhaps, they want for themselves more than they really want for others.


When 99 becomes 1

Their signs say that they make up the 99%. I’m still not sure what 99% they make up but as the protests continue I am beginning to see them as a 1%. When they demanded to be able to break the laws that have been set as civil disobedience did they realize that they began to use resources that were being taken from the other 99%. Then, they were joined by others who made up the 99% that they said they made up. But, they didn’t exactly embrace those who joined them. Those who prepared the food began to feel like some moochers were beginning to take advantage of the protests. Then there was the entire thing about the process to decide how to use the donations that have been sent to them. I read about complaints by some of the 99% that felt that there was too much paperwork and a small group had control of money. Wow, are we seeing that there is a 1% in that group of the 99%? They feel like unproductive members of the protest are mooching food and causing problems. Could it be that they are not taking advantage of the lessons they could learn about how people interact even in a system that they think is the ideal communist situation.

But, then I read about the occupy group that wasn’t getting a lot of press until they began to talk to the press about things being stolen and fights breaking out in their group, which they felt were being caused by the homeless that were joining their groups because of the free food and blankets they had. Their biggest complaint was that the police were not making enough of a presence in their area. So, here is a group who are gathering in civil disobedience and not paying the fees or getting permits that would also include additional security and then decide that they want special attention from the police or should I say they need the police to babysit them. When it became evident from their own comments that things were beginning to get out of control, the state decided to save them from themselves because the state could not provide the attention they required. Or should I say at this point 1% of the population (the protesters) were expecting to have resources that were being taken away from the other 99% of the population in order that they could continue to protest with enough police protection to protect themselves from themselves. So, they are demanding to have special treatment during their protests that no one else is receiving or has received in the past. (Remember that the state has required the Tea Party protests to get permits, insurance and probably portapotties.) But, they expect the state to bow down to their requests and provide them with more police which means that other areas are not getting covered or tax payers are paying for additional police hours. But, it doesn’t matter because they are the 99% protesting against the 1% who make more money and pay more taxes. However, what really is happening is that the 99% is becoming a 1% because of their demand for special treatment.

Do the Wall Street Protesters see the big picture or consequences of their actions?

Today, I got a better understanding of what is in the Wall Street protesters minds. However, as I thought about it, they really don’t get the big picture. They get that there is a very small number of people who make a lot of money that aren’t the President of the United States or a member of Congress, who they think should make less money. I think most people think that there are a few who make way too much money. But, when you look at it in another way, most people have felt that a co-worker makes too much money. We can’t control how much others make. You don’t like the way a corporation is run then make other choices as in fight within the organization, run for office so you can try to make laws to change how things are done. Or you can decide to just hang out with your buddies on Wall Street. I have been wondering how they are charging their phones and going to the bathroom and taking care of other business. Could it be that they are borrowing it from corporations without paying for it. The other thing that came to mind and I wish I could find it but it was a comment where someone pointed out that in Egypt when a dictator came to power, the way he did it was to turn the mobs against corporations, the wealthy so that he could divide them and conquer them. As the hand is directed toward a false enemy (who the dictator to be probably paid off) he was able to take power. It is pretty much the way that others have done it as well, such as the Bolsheviks, Mao, Castro, and Chavez.

Then, I read a comment that Steve Gill said about the protest in Nashville. It was comparing the Tea Party to the American Revolution and the Wall Street protesters to the French Revolution. His big point was that America did it by individuals joining together while the French did it in mob rule. A Tale of Two Cities is a great read about what it was like in France during the revolution. But, what came to mind for me, was what I seem to remember about what happened after the French Revolution, which happened to occur because of the fact the Americans were able to fight and win against the British, it was that they didn’t get a democracy, they got Napoleon.

Sadly, I fear that the protesters don’t know history well enough to realize that they are being used just the way that others were used. They don’t seem to realize that the unions who are now supporting them are in bed with the corporations they are protesting. Actually, the unions want to take over the corporations, and what better way than to have some college students take down the corporations so they can take them over…along with all that money that the evil heads earn.

I have said it before and I will say it again. The big difference here is that in all the other countries who got a dictator to replace the tyrant who had been in control had never tasted freedom. We The People, love our freedom and we will fight for it rather than join those who want to take it away from us.

Yeah let’s protest against big corporations and post status updates using our ipads

I really wasn’t going to pay that much attention to the protests on Wall Street because all kids misguidely get behind some big issue and protest it. I know I did on several occasions. It is part of having a big heart and wanting to change the world. The problem is that without life experiences the world is not understood enough to get how to change it. You want to change how a corporation is run, become a shareholder and make your voice heard on who joins the board and how much the c level is paid. Learn accounting so you get what is going on so you can explain the changes you want to make to the tax code so that corporations can be fiscally responsible to this country. Finally, spend time learning the history of this country so that you can logically explain why you believe what you believe and why the changes you want to make would benefit the country. Here is a hint of how not to do it. Don’t go hang out on Wall Street with your friends wearing the latest $200 jeans and using your brand new ipad. Ask your parents what they gave up for you to have the latest electronic equipment and to get a good education. Maybe that education will help you see that you are protesting against the very brands you are using on a daily basis, including UPS since you are requesting donations to be sent to their office.

Great Post from Teresa Start the Revolution Without Me

Let’s look at his picture of how they are spending their time protesting on Wall Street at Legal Insurrection

Sadly, as I think about their protests, I am reminded of when Wall Street was bombed in 1920 and the World Trade Center in 1993 and 911. I wonder if these events even cross their mind while they are protesting.