Offends French in order not to offend Britain and Germany

Barack Obama, concerned about offending Britain and Germany, rebuffed strenuous attempts by President Nicolas Sarkozy of France to persuade the new American president to make a trip to Normandy this week.


Can someone please explain to me how visiting Normandy would have offended Britain and Germany? Other presidents have visited it and I would be that leaders of Britain and Germany have visited it, probably with presidents. But, Obama fears that he would have offended Britain, who was our ally during WWII for visiting a graveyard of US soldiers. Since he sees Americans as arrogant, then he must feel visiting the graves of arrogant Americans would offend other countries. I can’t see any other way, he would see it as offending these two countries. Does anyone else have any ideas? You know it does remind me that when he was visiting the US Base in Germany, he didn’t visit soldiers, I guess he saw them as the arrogant Americans and didn’t want to offend Britain or Germany at that time. But, since he was campaigning, he couldn’t tell us what he really thought.

In case you didn’t know, there is a reason why there are US bases in Germany as well as Japan. As part of the treaty to end WWII, those countries are not allowed to create a military. I think it has been changed so that they can have a small military. But, they are not allowed to be able to create a military that would lead them to try to take over the world again. It is the reason why US troops are posted in these countries. Since they could not really protect themselves due to the terms of the treaty, the US agreed to protect them.

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While Obama is afraid to offend our friends and long term allies, our new allies are demanding apologies. I love that Chavez is telling him he needs to apologize to Japan, a long term ally, for ending WWII!

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His muslim roots are showing

Okay, I’m a little confused. Prior to the election, we were not able to make any comments about Obama and his muslim roots. In fact, he was the one who said something about his muslim faith, and had to be corrected during the interview. Well, I guess that is one time he spoke the truth because now we can talk about his muslim roots because he has brought it up in the interview he did with Al Arabiya.

Suddenly, this winter he has muslim roots

Actually, at this point what scares me more is not whether he is a muslim, but this example of he will use and say whatever he can to look good. It was something a lot of us saw prior to the election, but now it will be food for blogs for the next four years. And, that is what scares me, if he is more interested in looking good will he really do what it takes to protect this country in regards to the economy and national security.

I’m wondering how McCain really feels about Palin

I can’t decide if McCain just worded this badly or if he really doesn’t support Sarah. I can understand that he doesn’t want to be quoted in the future as being for her when he may decide to support another candidate. But, couldn’t he had said something better than what he did? For instance, well, I asked her to be my vice president, I thought if need be she would be able to be president. Also, why did he use the past tense in regards to her family? It just reinforces my lack of belief in him that he really wanted her as his VP. I think he felt threatened by her, and let his team mismanage her so that she did not end up shining in interviews when she had before and after stepping in as his running mate.

McCain sidesteps question about supporting Palin

I am just frustrated because if feels like while it appears that the glass ceiling was banged up a bit in this election, I feel like in the next few years women are going to end up being pushed back a couple of decades.

Small town values

I don’t live in a small town, I live in a middle size town, but grew up in a city that is considered a pretty international city.  I still have small town values.  I am wondering why Powell doesn’t like small town values and thinks they need to go away.  Also, I am wondering why he still feels he is part of the GOP, sorry, but when you came out and said what you did when you endorsed Obama, I feel like you showed that you are not part of the party.  I would classify you as an independent.  Don’t come back now and try to act like you are part of the GOP inner circle when you became part of Obama’s inner circle.  So, Mr. Powell, why don’t you think small town values are something a politician should support.  So, if you are not for small town values does that mean you think we should go with big city values?  Which makes me wonder, what exactly are big city values?  I feel insulted in what I am reading that infers what it does about what you are saying about those who might still value the ideals of living in a small town.

Also, with the crack about Rush, and I don’t listen to Rush, I feel like you are saying something about anyone who does not think like you do.  Boy, are you putting your foot in your mouth.  Why is it that it seems like we are in a world now that if you aren’t liberal and want to have everyone else control your life, you can’t even tie your own shoes.  Personally, I have found that usually when people want to control other people’s lives, it is because they can’t control their own life.  So, what can’t you control in your own life that leads you to try to control everyone else’s lives.  OH, and please realize the cuts to women are called sexist, you know similar to racist comments but based on the person’s gender rather than their ethnicity.

Just some thoughts

What to write about today? There is the Chicago corruption story, but that is everywhere (I meant the story but I guess corruption is everywhere as well.) There is the story about what Joe the Plumber really thought about McCain. I wish I would hear more about what McCain said to him about the bailout that really made him dislike him. But, I love the fact that he said that Sarah Palin is the real thing. I am glad to hear that she is really what you think she is. Of course, I kind of lost a lot of respect for McCain when he left Sarah hanging by herself when unnamed sources made those comments about her. I don’t think he should have come out in a way to “save” her because she needed to prove she could “save” herself. But, he needed to stand up against comments being made from the campaign trail after she stood up for herself. There were times during the campaign where I wondered what he really thought about having a strong woman as a running mate and when he let the comments continue, I felt like it reinforced the quiet nagging feeling I had that he was very threatened by her.

Obama writes to Federal employees prior to the election

This morning I read this article that reveals that Obama sent letters to a lot of Federal employees to describe what he would do to save their jobs in the government.  I am very dismayed by the letter because he repeatedly in each letter found fault with privatization.  He would rather grow the government than to contract with private firms to do the job.  Okay, here is the basic idea behind privatization – the government can’t be experts at everything and by knowing the government’s limitations they can find the best to do the job and pay them to do the job.  Privatization was a very big idea back in the 90s, you know during the Clinton administration.  Interestingly, the area where privatization was most popular was in prisons.  The idea is that a company that specializes in prisons will be better equipped to run multiple ones than having each one run run by the individual governmental agencies.  But, rather than see the benefits of privatization, Obama has decided that growing the governmental agencies sounds better, well at least to get the federal employees to vote for him.  

Obama writes letters for votes

My opinion about the Republican Party

I am starting to read postings and articles about why the Republican Party lost this election with an emphasis that they need to rid the party of Rinos.  I wish the answer was as simple as that, but I think the problem is that a lot of people support the Rinos because they do not see themselves as right wing republicans.  I feel like the right wing republicans are using this as a way to take control of the party rather than embracing people and showing them that the Republican Party is the party of the people. 


I was raised in the south where I voted for democrats in local elections and republicans for President.  I considered myself a democrat mainly because the Republican Party was nonexistent in the south.  Now, I have a choice and I see the Republican Party as being closer to what I value.  However, there are parts of this party that I do not agree with.  I had a realization that it seems like the Democrat Party wants to control people monetarily and the Republican Party wants to control people on social issues.  I think that the Republican Party needs to go back to individual rights and forget about a lot of the social issues that really seem to take away individual rights.  We may not agree with them, but I think those issues are what forces people to call themselves as moderate.  In addition, people will decide to vote for the Libertarian Party because they are similar to the Republican Party except they are for even less government. 


While I wonder why so many Republicans lost in the Congress, I think it comes down to the party being blamed for the troubles and voters not realizing that Democrats have been running the show for the past 2 years.  In regards to the Presidential election, I don’t think the Republican Party lost because of anything they did, I think the lost because of Chicago politics.  (As a side note, I heard when I was growing up that Kennedy only won Illinois because of Chicago politics.  I guess some things don’t change.)  Okay, maybe I will say that the Republicans lost because they didn’t fight Chicago politics.  You know the billion that Obama spent, the press not looking into Obama’s past, the campaign forcing stations to not run stories or ads, and the hiding of those whose beliefs would have turned off voters. 


I think rather than feeling like the Republican Party needs to change, I think they need to figure out how to really educate the public about what they really stand for.