What does it mean to vote with your “lady parts”?

So for those of you who feel that voting for your “lady parts” is so important that you place that issue above all others, including the national security of this country, I want you to think about something.  If you watch some of the population control movies from the 60s and 70s, you will notice that it isn’t something just encouraged but that it is required.

I ask you to think about this.  What is to stop a country that is giving you free birth control at your desire, free sterilization as you may wish and free abortions as needed to change that to mandatory birth control, mandatory sterilization and mandatory abortions.

Two things to consider as you try to say to yourself that this is not possible.  Think about who created those movies that were set so far in the future in about the year 2000.  Are they the same who are supporting the idea of free birth control, sterilization and abortions now?  Then think of how the democrats seem to embrace many of the ideals of the Chinese government.  Perhaps, one of those many ideals is the government’s ability to control births.

Since you are basing your vote on protecting the right for women to choice, perhaps you may want to investigate and decide if you vote for “free stuff” that in the future the government may decide isn’t so much about choice but required choices?  It is your vote.  Since, choice is so important to you and it is the only issue you will use to determine how you vote, then I suggest you vote as if your freedom of choice depends on it, which means to say no thanks to the strings attached to the “free stuff” they have put out as bait.  Personally, I find the economy, national security more important and that is what I am basing my vote on.


Arizona tragedy and my thoughts

I won’t be putting links on this post because if you really want to see what I am talking about I am sure a quick search will lead you to it.  Yesterday, a guy who probably is a paranoid schizophrenic took a gun to shoot a group of people that included a federal judge and a Congresswoman.  Because the congresswoman happens to be a Democrat, it has turned into a political issue.  Maybe he did so because of something in his mind that felt like she hadn’t lived up to his political expectations or maybe it was an attempt to commit suicide by hoping that someone would kill him while he was shooting others.  He is the only one who knows what is going on his mind that led him to this decision.  However, the one thing that I am finding interesting that no one is really talking about is that he bought the gun in November of last year (2010.)  Based on the fact that election day was early in the month, chances are that he bought the gun after the election.  So, maybe he was upset over what had happened with the election or maybe he just decided to buy a gun in November.  Once again, he is the only one who really knows what was going on in his mind in November.

Of course, even though he is reported to be a liberal, the left and the media is still trying to blame it on Sarah Palin and the Tea Party.  They just don’t get it do they.  They really don’t see that they do the same things they they try to blame on the right.  They targeted certain seats (and some of those seats were held by Democrats.)  I can’t remember offhand, but I do believe the left targeted Giffords seat because she wasn’t liberal enough.

Sadly, lives were lost and a guy who had severe mental health issues life is over.  I hope that Giffords comes out of this with minimal brain problems and is able to quickly recover from the brain injury so that she can return to Congress.  While everyone is trying to say it was Palin and the Tea Party talk that caused it, they are failing to see something.  Giffords wasn’t acting like a Democrat in Congress when it reconvened in January.  She voted against Pelosi.  She introduced a bill that would reduce the Representatives’ pay by 5% and she had participated in the reading of the Constitution along with the Republicans.  I had just noticed her the other day when I read about the bill she introduced.  I liked the way she was thinking and thought she actually represented her constituents rather than her party.  It didn’t matter to me that she was a Democrat because I sensed that she got what the people are saying.  Sadly, it is because she does represent them that she had arranged to listen to them that she ended up being in a position to be shot.  Sadly, it is because of all this that this tragedy is being turned into a three ring circus.

In closing I will say that as people start to talk about gun control, I am reminded of what Rendell said after the killings at the Amish schoolhouse – you can’t legislate crazy.  Also, it reminds me of a few years ago, when in Britain, which has strict gun laws had a rash of knifings at night because when a criminal can’t use a gun as a weapon they use what they can get their hands on.

What was so funny about your Christmas tree comment, Joy Behar?

I really didn’t get the joke, and it didn’t sound like anyone else did or they like me realized it was a way to insult the blind to make you feel better about yourself.

I’m a bit confused because I thought that liberals always were compassionate and tolerate of others, especially people with disabilities. But, today on the view, Joy Behar was describing how terrible of a job she had done on her tree. How did she describe it? She said that it looked like Stevie Wonder decorated the tree. What is even worse, is that her comment was so horrible that she had to explain her “joke.” It was such a horrible comment I can’t even call it a joke, although she was laughing the loudest at her “joke.” Gee, what a nice joke to make using a person’s disability as a way to describe how horrible a job she did on her tree. Oh, yeah, I get it now. It is okay for liberals to make fun of people’s disabilities if it makes them look like they are better than someone else. Remember, that Obama set the bar that low when he compared his bowling abilities to the Special Olympics.

All I got to say if being a liberal means that you are mean to others and make sarcastic jokes about others that make you feel better about yourself, I’ll take being a compassionate and tolerant conservative because I am a person who would help someone with a disability rather than find them as “comedy” material to use.

We’ve come a long way baby, please don’t forget it

I wrote a post a bit earlier today about the “honor killings” of two teenage girls by their father. It definitely struck a nerve with me that has to do with how women act in the 21st century. I can remember a time when if a woman was married she really had no identity outside of her husband. She refered to herself by his name with just a MRS in front of it. When a woman was still considered property of her husband to a certain degree.

This month marks the anniversary of the adoption of the Suffrage Amendment. Each year I am reminded of the women who fought hard for the right to vote as I am each time I vote. Do other women realize how long of a fight it was for women to gain the right to vote? Do they know that Wyoming was the first state to allow women to vote? Do they know that the common reason given for women to not have the right to vote was that the man was voting for the household and the wife didn’t need her own vote since she would be voting the same way he did?

There are times when I see our standing as women moving two steps back each year. Granted, women are now in professions that used to be male dominated and have titles that used to be reserved for men. But, do they understand what women had to endure in order that those are possibilities for them?

This isn’t so much about career choices that are now possible for women, but how women seem to act. They see dressing wearing short hems low cut dresses as a way to express their sexual beings. They think they are being sexy, I recall the way the hookers dressed in 80s movies. I say this because even in the 60s sexual revolution, it wasn’t about sex, it was about being a woman and having the freedom to make choices. Maybe there were many choices made that took this country down the wrong path, but it was still about having choice in their lives. Now, it seems like the dressing sexy is to fit in and be seen as grown up women. Sadly, they don’t realize the fights women had to fight so that they can now dress like they do. I remember a time when I was told I had to wear suits that were similar to how men dressed so that I wouldn’t be seen too much like a woman. I remember the time when how a woman was dressed would be used against her in rape trials. And, now women think that dressing to entice men sexually is cool. Do they realize that instead of building on the foundations set by millions of women over many decades they are taking what has been given to them and basically giving those women a punch in the face. Just as they do when the find fault with conservative women and do not argue against their policies or platform but instead degrade them as women. These women are the feminists of the 21st century, believe it or not.

“Feminists” and liberals seem to be quiet on this domestic violence issue

For those liberals who always say that Fox News doesn’t report anything but conservative talking points and they refuse to watch it. I wonder what you would say about this news story. Fox News Reporting: Honor Killing in America

The sisters were riddled with bullets in their dad’s borrowed taxi cab on New Year’s Day 2008. As 911 operators listened in, Sarah appeared to name her father as the killer — her dying words: “Help! Help! My dad shot me… and now I’m dying!”

This kind of crime isn’t supposed to happen in America’s heartland — an honor killing.

Honor killings are when a father, husband or brother kills a wife, daughter or sister because he thinks she has “shamed” the family. The United Nations has found such murders are all too common in Muslim lands. Now they are happening here.

Where are the feminists crying out that 2 US citizens were killed by their father because they dared to try to live the life of American teens rather than be the Muslim women he expected them to be? On top of that he won’t even show his face to defend himself of this premeditated murder because he just disappeared. Where are the liberals that tell other children that it is okay to live your life the way you want to live it no matter what your parents say? What a double life liberals lead. They tell children that it is okay to be sexually active at any age and that these children know better than their parents, yet when it involves Muslim children who are trying to follow this advice, they are strangely silent. In any other situation, this would be considered the most horrid death of two young girls who were just starting their adult lives, instead the term “honor killing” is used to describe their deaths. What is sadder is that some of their families have said that they deserved to die because they were whores. Why were they considered whores? Because they were dating Hispanic guys.

Can liberals talk politics without using profanity to make a point?

There are times when I use profanity…usually when the computer is not responding the way I want. Years ago I remember being told that when you use profanity you are showing your ignorance because you can’t come up with a better way to express yourself. I remember that on a daily basis, especially when I hear words that were considered horrible when I was growing up now words used in television commercials. I remember the shock of seeing where someone had scrawled the name of a principal at the local high school along with the word with what they thought of him. I can’t even write the word on this blog but yet now it is used every day to say that something is bad. It is sad because most people probably don’t have a clue where the term came from and what the meaning was when it became profanity.

So, I say this about profanity because as I read this post by Michelle Malkin and “feminist” comedians who use profanity to make their “jokes.” I don’t find most comedians funny because when you have to use profanity to get a laugh that must mean that your idea isn’t really that funny. I still laugh at the humor or the greats from the 30s, 40s and 50s. I saw a few scenes from a Bob Hope movie and the way he could use his body language and facial features in a scene in order to get laughs still works today. He didn’t need to use a cuss word in order for someone to realize that he was in deep trouble…just a look could convey that message. Today, it would be three pages of profanity said by an actor with a botoxed face to convey that in a scene.

With that I have to say that it is the same with political comedians. There was a time when a comedian could make political jokes without having to resort to using profanity and/or threatening violence. They could intelligently convey their thoughts and feelings on a political topic without having to use profanity as a way to distract from the fact that when it boils down to it they have no idea what is really going on. They have just bought the liberal hype that conservatives are bad and need to be destroyed. I say bring it on, let’s have a conversation where without the use of profanity and the typical talking points we can discuss what is going on. You might actually learn something as we don’t let them continue to divide and conquer us. (And, by talking points I mean blame Bush and try to discredit my thoughts by telling me I get it from watching Fox News…I don’t watch Fox News.)

Jan Brewer stands up for Arizona and its citizens

I love this woman. She is standing up for her state. What a great way to point out that parts of our country are so dangerous due to those who cross the border illegally!

Note to Jan Brewer and citizens of Arizona. I stand by you 100%, I’m just sorry that I can’t afford to travel to your state at this time.

Note to Obama and democrats can you hear us now? I want our borders closed so that as a citizen of the USA I feel safe from criminals who are smuggling drugs, guns and humans across the border and into other states in this country. You know the states that you were elected to protect per your job description. If you need to review your job description, you can find it in the Bill of Rights and Constitution.