What does it mean to vote with your “lady parts”?

So for those of you who feel that voting for your “lady parts” is so important that you place that issue above all others, including the national security of this country, I want you to think about something.  If you watch some of the population control movies from the 60s and 70s, you will notice that it isn’t something just encouraged but that it is required.

I ask you to think about this.  What is to stop a country that is giving you free birth control at your desire, free sterilization as you may wish and free abortions as needed to change that to mandatory birth control, mandatory sterilization and mandatory abortions.

Two things to consider as you try to say to yourself that this is not possible.  Think about who created those movies that were set so far in the future in about the year 2000.  Are they the same who are supporting the idea of free birth control, sterilization and abortions now?  Then think of how the democrats seem to embrace many of the ideals of the Chinese government.  Perhaps, one of those many ideals is the government’s ability to control births.

Since you are basing your vote on protecting the right for women to choice, perhaps you may want to investigate and decide if you vote for “free stuff” that in the future the government may decide isn’t so much about choice but required choices?  It is your vote.  Since, choice is so important to you and it is the only issue you will use to determine how you vote, then I suggest you vote as if your freedom of choice depends on it, which means to say no thanks to the strings attached to the “free stuff” they have put out as bait.  Personally, I find the economy, national security more important and that is what I am basing my vote on.


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