Paul Ryan makes economics make sense

The phrase by Jackie Gleason of How sweet it is keeps going through my mind today.  I really have no opinion about Paul Ryan as the pick for the VP.  I like him and think he is the best choice of the names I heard floated.   But, I really had not planned on writing a post about the VP pick.  The more I read the more I like him and am getting excited about the knowledge and experience that he is bringing to the campaign.  He was a economics major in college.  To me the brightest people can decipher all the economic theories and apply them to the world.  I pretty much got supply and demand theory and that was enough to get me through the required economic classes.  Dare I say that he is making being an economist sexy?

But, it was something else that dawned on me today that I wanted to post about.  I started this blog in October 2008 because I was frustrated by what was going on with the media’s reporting of the campaign.  I needed a place to vent.  When Obama won in November, conservatives began to look forward to 2012 when we could elect a Republican to replace him.  We are in the home stretch of the four years.  We continue to look forward to voting in November.  Now we have the names that we will be voting for.  Romney and Ryan.  Two men who have the experience that is needed to turn this economy around.   Looking Forward with Romney and Ryan to a better economy.


Yeah let’s protest against big corporations and post status updates using our ipads

I really wasn’t going to pay that much attention to the protests on Wall Street because all kids misguidely get behind some big issue and protest it. I know I did on several occasions. It is part of having a big heart and wanting to change the world. The problem is that without life experiences the world is not understood enough to get how to change it. You want to change how a corporation is run, become a shareholder and make your voice heard on who joins the board and how much the c level is paid. Learn accounting so you get what is going on so you can explain the changes you want to make to the tax code so that corporations can be fiscally responsible to this country. Finally, spend time learning the history of this country so that you can logically explain why you believe what you believe and why the changes you want to make would benefit the country. Here is a hint of how not to do it. Don’t go hang out on Wall Street with your friends wearing the latest $200 jeans and using your brand new ipad. Ask your parents what they gave up for you to have the latest electronic equipment and to get a good education. Maybe that education will help you see that you are protesting against the very brands you are using on a daily basis, including UPS since you are requesting donations to be sent to their office.

Great Post from Teresa Start the Revolution Without Me

Let’s look at his picture of how they are spending their time protesting on Wall Street at Legal Insurrection

Sadly, as I think about their protests, I am reminded of when Wall Street was bombed in 1920 and the World Trade Center in 1993 and 911. I wonder if these events even cross their mind while they are protesting.

Obama wants to tax the banks, but isn’t that a tax to pass on to the middle class

Remember when Obamacorn promised to tax only the rich, you know the people who bleed money because they make so much money. Well, he is keeping his promise because he has decided that banks need to be taxed. Talk about rich, they have tons of money…such as your bank accounts, your house loans, your car loans, your credit cards. Yep, let’s tax entities like banks that have a lot of money. The question is where will they get the money to pay these taxes…oh, adding fees to your bank accounts, your house loans, your car loans, and your credit cards. But, don’t worry he is keeping his promise to not tax the middle class (well, as long as the health-care bill and Cap and Trade don’t pass since women will have to even pay taxes on tampons based on what is in the bill.)

Obama takes from private sector gives to public sector

Gotta love it, now your tax dollars will go to paying for others to go to college. Granted it has been going on for a while, but at the same time the banks set requirements for the loans. Now, Obama wants to take out the middleman and let the government just hand the money to kids so that the country will have the greatest number of college graduates.

Okay, here is my problem with his plan. A lot of kids are not college material and would do better finding the best path for them to take. It may be a technical school or it could be that they jump right into the job market. The other thing is that it ends up devaluing the college degree. How many kids are now being passed through college the same way they were passed through high school. I have seen people with college degrees that could not write a work related report that was grammatically correct. I know I make goofs in my posts, but nothing compared to how badly these college graduates wrote emails and such. I am also reminded of one other thing, remember how much money computer programmers made before Y2K because they were in such demand? Then, everyone wanted to be a computer programmer because that was where the money was. Now, it still is a great industry for employment but not with the money of the 90s because there is not the demand anymore. It is all about supply and demand and value of the degree.

But, back to the fact that he sees taking out the middle man and just handing the money to the kids. First of all, he is taking more away from the private sector and making it the responsibility of the public sector. Second of all, this ends up taking away the profit the private sector would make that impacts other aspects of banking and finance. We won’t discuss unemployment because in this case I think it would end up to being a wash with more jobs in the public sector even though the private sector would lose jobs.

Finally, here is a blurb from the article in USA Today

Obama wants to end the decades-old, dual system the federal government uses to advance loans to students to pay for college.

Under that system, students at some colleges borrow directly from the government, while others get loans from banks, non-profits or state agencies who in turn receive subsidies from Washington.

The president’s proposal would switch the federal student loan system entirely to direct lending from the government.

By the way, once I heard that one of the reason why college tuition has gone up so much is that the more money that the feds give colleges the more that they charge in order to get more money from the feds.

Obama finding anger backfiring

Hey Obama,
Your attempt to make us mad about the bonuses isn’t working on me. Personally, I believe that as long as they meet the requirements of their contract with the company for their bonuses they get them. While I might disagree with whether they deserve them, I don’t believe in breaking employment contracts. It is just how I don’t think it is right for companies to suddenly decide to change a person’s pay by expecting them to take days off without pay because of the economy.

Also, I am wondering what else is going on that is not making the news because of the headlines about the AIG bonuses. Could it be HR1388 or could it be that you want Veterans to pay for their healthcare? What else is no one picking up that is going on?

Or maybe it is how much money you got from them in donations?

Anger isn\'t working

Don’t know about bonuses and what else don

So, how secure do you feel with a President that signs a bill that allows for these bonuses, but now says his team had no idea that AIG was going to pay out $165 million in bonuses? It is interesting that I remember hearing about the hearings back in December, but the man who was about to become President had no idea about the bonuses? Of course, if you read the quote very carefully, it sounds like he knew the bonuses were still there, just not the exact amount of the bonuses. You know how he knows very well how to state something so it is not exactly a law. Kind of like in that big speech he gave when he said that the stimulus package did not have a single earmark. Nope, it did not have a single earmark, it had too many to remember earmarks.

I didn’t know about the bonuses

“Everyone knew that there were retention bonuses on the books,” an Obama administration source said, “but no one (in the Obama administration) knew about the $165 million for the Financial Products division” until March 5.

But, my question is this, if he doesn’t know about the bonuses what else is he not aware of that will leave us open to attack or will cause the economy to be destroyed?

More on wall street and Obama

More was said about the impact that Obama is having on Wall Street as well as the idea that he doesn’t realize how people on Main Street USA have lost their savings because of the free fall of Wall Street.

I keep wondering if Obama is intentionally trying to hurt the economy so that more people will need the government. Alas, I am beginning to believe that he really doesn’t understand economics and business. Even me who hated every single economic class I took understands it more than the man who is the leader of the United States it appears.

Now, his answer to this is for us to buy more stock.
Obama wants us to buy buy buy

Umm, if I thought the market was going to turn around I might begin to invest in my IRA again, but until it hits bottom I am staying away, thank you very much. Untill Obama learns that his daily televised speeches are impacting Wall Street more than anything else, I am staying clear of any type of investment. I am beginning to stock up on glass jars because I think I should bury my savings in my backyard. (Note that this is a joke, I don’t have a backyard.)

Also, if we make profits in the market won’t we have to pay more taxes on the profits. This is one speculated reason why the market is going down, people are taking the loss so they won’t have to pay taxes in the future.