Sometimes it is nice to recall the simpler times of our childhood


It’s about the victims, not the shooter and not the politics

I’ve been tempted to make a comment about the issue of gun control, but I have stayed quiet.  Now, a young man in the midst of grief said the best thing anyone could say or should say.  Yes, let’s focus on those who have been injured or killed by being in the wrong place at the wrong time.  Let’s remember their names and faces, not someone who in the cover of dark sought out attention.


Why I did it

Today, I followed through with the decision I made to make sure I visited Chick fil a to support them since they have been in the news this week.  I wasn’t quite sure until this morning why I felt I needed to do this.  I really don’t care one way or another about gay marriage.  I don’t necessarily agree with either side on how it is being handled politically so that has led me to just ignore it as a political issue.  Personally, I think almost all the social issues that are in political platforms are there to rev up the base more than anything else.  As I once heard said, the courts are never going to revise abortion because to do so would take away the big social platform issue that is used to distract the voting public from the key issues that are based in what they are supposed to do based on that little piece of paper our founding fathers signed.

It is all this that finally made me realize why I needed to show support to Chick fil a.  It has to do with the right to have an opinion.  It is the right to voice the said opinion.  I may not agree with the opinion, but I support a person’s right to have it and voice it.  I also support your decision to boycott a company because of their stance on an issue.  But, know that when I hear of a boycott against a company, I may just decide to show more support to that company.  So, don’t expect me to decide to boycott a company because you don’t agree with their stance.

I say all this because what scares me even more than any of these issues is that we are getting to a point in our country where we are all supposed to have the same opinion on all issues that has been determined by who.  Where did these original opinions come from?  How as a country did we come to the point where we all feel like we all have to think exactly alike when it comes to social, economic and security issues?  Especially, when it comes to opinions that are based on emotion and no facts.

So, that is why I had to support Chick fil a today.  I wanted to support the fact that the owners of the company have an opinion about a social issue that is their right to have and to say.  I don’t want this country to become one where no one is allowed to have an opinion.  Besides, how would you feel if the tide turned and what your opinion on a subject was different than what others think should be allowed to be said?


When they came for me there was no one left to help me

When I heard that an announcement was going to be made about charges being pressed against George Zimmerman, I once again felt punched in the chest.  I have actually kept up with the facts of this situation more than what is being reported by the media.  In fact, I was ready to scream yesterday when I kept seeing news report after news report that showed a picture of Trayvon Martin looking about 12 years old.  Hasn’t anyone wondered why they show a picture of him that young and wonder what he would look like now that he has gone through puberty?  Sadly, they have bought into the story that the media is telling without taking the time to ask themselves enough questions to do research to find out what is missing from the story.

Only two people know what really happen that night and one person is dead.  From what George Zimmerman told the police, it was enough to back up the evidence that they had to decide not to charge him. What no one really keeps bringing to the forefront of the conversation is that George Zimmerman had a gun on him that he had to keep away from Trayvon Martin.  I believe they were fighting over the gun when it went off.  Who knows whose finger was actually on the trigger.  What would have happened if the shot had gone really wild and managed to hit someone else, even by going through a window of a nearby condo?  What if the shot had killed George Zimmerman?

Suddenly, the Sandra Fluke as a victim story isn’t getting the media attention that was expected so another victim needs to appear in the news.  And, within a day or two a new victim is making the headlines.  Then, the new media starts to report the parts of the story that the media is reporting or the editing that the media has done on what is being reported.  Rather than let this story die, the media has their victim and they are going to make sure that he stays front page news.  Even by continuing to misrepresent the facts and use words like apparently or supposedly when reporting information about George Zimmerman, while stating everything about Trayvon Martin as a fact.  Except, they don’t talk about the facts that can be seen from social media accounts.  They don’t talk about any of the negative facts about Trayvon Martin or the positive facts about George Zimmerman because they don’t fit the narrative that the media wants to tell to sway the public’s opinions about this fact.

This is what scares me.  When I was young I saw a futurist movie that was set in the 21st century.  It was about the government deciding that women could only have one child.  It stayed with me because on some level I knew that the government wanted to have that kind of control over us.  So, what does that have to do with this.  In this instance, the government is showing how they can control us by rallying the media and others to make George Zimmerman the enemy.  This is what scare me.  A group has been screaming for him to be charged with something.  Well, actually, their first cry was for him to be arrested.  Then, the cry became for him to be charged with something.  Now, I am wondering if they are happy with the charge that was chosen for him.  What would have happened if they didn’t charge him with a crime to the mob’s liking?

But, think about that for a minute.  Our society has gotten to the point where a group can decide that they want someone to be made a villain and that person will be crucified by the government and the media.  Think about that for a minute and wonder what would happen if you did something or you didn’t do something but it appears you did something and suddenly you are found guilty by a mob of people.

Sadly, while having charges placed against him gives him a chance to have the truth come out.  I don’t think the truth will come out because then it will show how wrong the media has been.  I don’t think he can have a fair trial.  But, hey the mob has spoken and they have decided that he is guilty so why do we need a trial anyway, right?



What is the rest of the story

Considered guilty before found innocent.  That phrase keeps going through my mind as I read all the posts and links and news stories regarding the case of George Zimmerman and the shooting of Trayvon Martin.  Even before this I realized that it is hard not to form an opinion about a case based on our life experiences.  But, we are asked to do so when we sit on a jury and we should be able to do this when we read a news story or hear about something from our friends.  But, our forefathers had a great idea that they put in the Constitution and that is a man is to be considered innocent before being found guilty by a jury of his peers.  Sadly, it feels like we have become a nation where we find people guilty before deciding that they are innocent.  I have read comments pointing to other cases that have been in the news in the past few years, where the media has basically convinced us that a person is guilty and later there is a small oops news story that the person is totally innocent.  Too late, though the media got the story and public opinion they wanted and really don’t care about the true victim they created in the story.  I was reminded of the news story about the hate crime homicide of a census taker in Kentucky.  It was a headline news story that someone would be murdered in such a way.  It was a much smaller story when all the evidence was reviewed and it was determined that the guy had committed suicide in a way to make it look like a homicide. It is also the other news stories that never get attention that are on my mind.  What about the women who are raped, the children who are molested, and the other crimes that go on that we have learned to accept as a part of life.  Why do we not get upset about those crimes?

So, I have had a lot of thoughts going on in my head in regards to this case.  I have tried not to form an opinion regarding this.  I am beginning to wonder when the hoodie became an issue and who brought that into the news story.  I am wondering what the media is trying to do by creating this as a national news story.  It is something we have to ask ourselves on every single news story we read, even fun entertainment ones, who is the author trying to reach and what is the message the author is trying to present?  There are other questions that pop in my head that seem to be missing from this story.  Some blogs have posted some of these questions and given their opinions to the answers as well as some witnesses have now spoken out about what they saw that night.  This has left one little question in my head…what role did the gun play in the whole thing?  I don’t mean that as a way to blame the gun, but as one thing I have always heard in regards to owing a gun.  It is that you always have to be careful because a gun could be used as a weapon against you.  If Martin had attacked Zimmerman as the witness has said, then where was the gun during this attack and who had control over the gun or who was trying to gain control over the gun?  I supposed this is part of the police report that no one is paying attention to.  But, it is also the lingering question that keeps coming to mind as I read about this event.  I surely can’t be the only person who has wondered about what was going on with the gun as Zimmerman was on his back with Martin on top of him.

Finally, I will say that my opinion is this little bit of wisdom I have learned in my life: there are always two sides to a story and the truth lies somewhere in between.  I will add that with the media I tend to think the truth is way on the other side of the story they tell, but there are always grains of truth in every story.


Update #1:

Another question keeps popping in my head.  It is regarding the fact that he approached Martin and then walked away from him.  Per the witness, it was as he walked away that he was attacked by Martin.  What happened that caused Martin to decide to attack him?  What was said between the two of them before Zimmerman walked away or was anything said at all?  As these questions, keep coming popping into my head, I keep getting the same answer.  Nobody, other than the men involved and the witnesses know what happened there.  I am trying not to let the scenarios that pop into my head dictate what I think about this, but they do.  However, what is sadder is that too many people are letting the scenarios that the media and spokespeople are creating to dictate the opinions they are forming in their heads.  Sadly, I seem to remember a time when a couple of girls decided to say that a couple of women were witches and the public opinion was formed that these women were witches.  Are we really doomed to repeat history where because of what a few people say, a person is presumed guilty?

Pieces of the puzzle

Have you ever had a friend whose spouse was cheating on them?  You could see the pieces of the puzzle laying out in front of you to the point where you wanted to put them together very easily for your friend to see.  As it was the movie ticket from a time when you knew where your friend was and it was not at that movie.  Then there was the receipt for the gas station out of the area along with the mysterious text giving the spouse an address and time.   When you asked the spouse about it, you didn’t get an answer.  All this pointed to a cheating spouse in your book.

However, deep down inside you knew that spouse well enough to know that sometimes things are not as they seem.  As time played out things began to fall into place.  The movie ticket ended up being to a movie that your friend would have hated but the spouse would love.  The gas station out of the area was right next to an one of a kind store where a gift was bought for your friend.  Oh, and the mysterious phone call was from someone who works with the spouse who knew the address of the store. While you were furious with the spouse for a few days, when you looked at the facts you could see that things were not as they appear.

It is also about the climate of the relationship as well.  Until the mysterious phone call, you never would have thought of your friend’s spouse cheating, but rather than look at it as a one time thing, you decided to build a case to show the spouse as a cheater.  Now, at the same time, if the spouse gets a lot of mysterious phone calls, then you can build the case for the cheating spouse.

So is life looking at politics.  It is about the pattern that is created not the votes here and there.  It is about looking at the big picture not the individual events.  Just like how the spouse couldn’t give you an answer sometimes it is about knowing things that can’t be broadcast to everyone because that would do just as much damage.  Sometimes things are not like they seem and you have to look at the road not taken as well.

If you had taken the other road would you have ended trapped at the end of the cliff or would it have been the smoothest road possible, It is hard to tell.  Would you have believed the person who told you that after the group of trees there was a 200 ft drop or would you have decided that because the road was great up to the trees that it had to be great after the trees.  While you may not like what you are seeing, at least you can see that the ground is somewhat flat rather than heading toward a 200 ft drop from a cliff.  Just like with the spouse you suspected of cheating and the wondering if the other road would have been better, you don’t know.  You may put the pieces together to come out with a cheating spouse and a road that is great after the group of trees, but in reality the spouse is totally devoted and after a lion chases you through the forest you have to decide whether you want to jump off the cliff or be eaten by the lion.  Well, actually you don’t have to worry about jumping off the cliff because the person who warned you made you take the other road because they knew about the lion, but didn’t want to broadcast it because the lion will be gone tomorrow.

Updated on June 19th with a rewrite.

Cooking comps bore me because they go for the cook who doesn’t take risks

So, I am posting on something that is not political, but it has been on my mind lately. I don’t enjoy watching sitcoms because the jokes are not funny and it is all about sex. I am definitely not a prude but I get tired of the fact that sitcom humor has become all about making sexual comments or scenes. I watched one episode of Cougar Town and couldn’t believe that the sexual talk between friends was tmi for me to even share with my friends. The final scene where she was shown obviously going down on a guy was a way over the line for me.

So, getting tired of the lame jokes about sex on sitcoms what does a non-cook end up watching? I got into watching the cooking shows that lead me to watching the cooking competitions. But, sadly, I have gotten to the point where I can’t enjoy the majority of those shows anymore for one simple reason. I can pretty much predict that the person who plays it safe and does a dish I could do will win that weeks show while the person who uses their imagination and thinks outside the box but doesn’t perform as well will go home. When creativity is one aspect, don’t send that person home just because their dish failed when the person who makes the simplest dish stays. Also, I refuse to watch Chopped now with that woman who always has that look on her face like she smells something horrible will find fault with the women chefs the most so she can get them out of her arena so she can be queen bee. I see her as a judge and the tv channel is changed. I can handle formula shows, but not when I can predict what will happen within 5 minutes of the show. Also, I can handle drama, but not over the top drama. I would rather watch the cooking and the natural drama then to have a lot of drama being created to make the show. Even though I really don’t cook, I have picked up some hints from watching the shows.