Elections are over

I am still trying to digest what has happened with the elections and who has won. I heard one comment about the Republicans winning and now they can fix the problems. It dawned on me that whiel the Republicans gained seats in the Senate and have a huge majority in the House, the Democrats still have a lot of control because they have a majority in the Senate and the President and Vice President are Democrats. It is going to be a tough two years. I agree with most who say that the next two years will be a gridlock.


Hey Jim Cooper, what have you accomplished?

I asked myself this question after I saw Cooper’s ad on the tv last night. I heard several people talking about how he helped them in regards to the flood. But, then a lot of people in the Nashville area helped those who had been affected by the flood. What I remember the most was when Kenny Chesney called Anderson Cooper to ask him why he wasn’t covering the flood damage in Middle Tennessee. I remember watching many people donate money at the telethons and concerts that were held. I remember hearing that he appeared at a few locations to “help” but it appeared to be more photo ops than anything else. And, these pictures are part of his ad But, he had a handful of people on his ad telling everyone that he helped them.

Wow, how many years in office and the only thing he can show on his ad is that he helped a few people after the flood, a few months before the election? Why isn’t he showing how he voted as Pelosi wanted him to vote? Why isn’t he showing how he supported Obamacare? Why isn’t he showing how he left to go on the fall break to campaign with all the democrats leaving tax cuts and the budget on the table so to say? You know the things that are in the Constitution for what Congress is supposed to do. Is he even showing that he is the democrat candidate?

It took a while and then I remembered a few things he has done. He stood up to the underfunded Corps of Engineers so that they would produce a report that reported things they had already reported to show what they had found in their reactions to the flood. I still wonder how much of this was to stay in the good graces of Gaylord. It is interesting the story doesn’t seem to be a story anymore after the Corps of Engineers reported that they told Gaylord a couple of times that their private levee was too low. I knowhe really did try to help Gaylord find tax money that would help them repair the damage that could have been prevented if they had followed the suggestions of the Corps of Engineers.

Then, there was the recent article in the Tennessean. You know the one that reports that Cooper would have gotten Nashville a new Federal Courthouse. But, gosh dern it, every time he tried, someone else would jump ahead of him in line so he just couldn’t get it. I guess this is his way of telling us he just doesn’t have the political clout to do anything for us. Even after he tried to stay in the good graces of Pelosi by voting the way she wanted him to vote.

So, once again I ask Jim Cooper, what have you done?

Fed up with taxpayers footing the bill for elected officials to campaign

So, here is an idea. Taxpayers get put on the hook for paying the millions of dollars that politicians use to campaign – for other politicians. They find a legitimate reason to be in the same area as where they need to campaign, and then the entire trip is paid for by taxpayers. I think they need to prorate the amount of time they spend campaigning and the amount of time they spend campaigning and split the cost between the taxpayers and whatever politicians or party is getting their time. Seems fair to me. For instance, Biden made a trip to Tennessee the other day. Wow, he made a quick stop by the Grand Ole Opry to see the flood damage. Remember that a large portion of the city was damaged, but the Grand Ole Opry is one of the closest flooded areas to the airport. Wow, finally the White House is taking an interest in the Tennessee flood, although almost 2 1/2 months later. So, the taxpayers get to pay for his trip to Nashville to spend a few minutes checking out one of the areas that got flooded. Also, one of the last places to be flooded.

But, wait what ends up being the headline story about why Biden was in Nashville? Biden in town for the Democratic Party Jackson Day. It is a fundraising party for democrats. Guess what, you paid for Biden to party in Music City. So, with a quick stop by the Grand Ole Opry to look at the flood damage and the repairs that have been made, he then was driven to the fundraiser, which was held at Belmont University Curb Center. It was roughly a two hour event. So, with a trip for a two hour event with a 30 minute stop along the way, it becomes up to the taxpayers to pay for it.

Just to note, I am against this by both parties. We don’t pay the salary of our elected officials so they can campaign. We pay them to protect and serve this country, just as we do the armed forces. It is time they step up to the plate and do the job they told us they were willing to do and stop legislating for their own greedy selves. And, for those that don’t realize it, this is one of the many things that the Tea Party is trying to stop.

Support Renee Ellmers for Congress 2nd District North Carolina

Here is the woman who is standing up to the abusive Bob Etheridge (D – North Carolina.) I call him abusive because he is a lot bigger and taller than the college student he attacked when asked a simple question of whether he supported Obama’s agenda. What is wrong with that question? I think it could be answered with one word – either yes or no.

From her site about her – Meet Renee

After graduating from Madison High School, needing to work her way through college, Renee trained as a Medical Assistant. For the next eight years, working full and part-time jobs, she attended Oakland University, graduating with a Bachelor of Science degree in Nursing.

A year later, working as a Surgical Intensive Care Nurse at Beaumont Hospital she met her husband, Brent, a graduate of the University Of Indiana School Of Medicine.

After their son was born, while visiting family in Cary, Renee and her husband decided to move to North Carolina. Today she works with her husband as Clinical Director of the Trinity Wound Care Center in Dunn.

Renee is active in community affairs, having served as Vice President of Community Development for the Chamber of Commerce and as President Elect of the Chamber for the coming year. She has also served on the Dunn Planning Board, the board of the Betsy Johnson Hospital Foundation and the Harnett County Nursing Home Committee.

She volunteers at Cape Fear Christian Academy where her son, Ben, is a student, and teaches Sunday school at Sacred Heart Catholic Church.

Last summer she and her husband attended a Town Hall meeting to hear Congressman Bob Etheridge speak on behalf of President Obama’s health care plan. Later, as a volunteer, she became an outspoken critic of government-run health care. She is now a candidate for Congress – opposing Congressman Etheridge – in North Carolina’s 2nd District.

Someone who has the medical experience to understand what is needed to reform health care. Wow! What a great candidate!

Jim Cooper says one thing and votes another way on Obamacare

Just found this post on Right Minded Online from August 21, 2009 when Jim Cooper said that he would not vote for Obamacare. Well, we all know that every time he had to chance to vote against it as he said he would do, he voted for it. Remember how well he kept his word when November comes around. (bold is mine)

Congressman Jim Cooper, a Democrat who represents us here in west Wilson County, has said he will absolutely not vote for ObamaCare.

Thank you, Jim Cooper. Hopefully, there are enough level-headed Democrats still around to kill this thing in Congress.

Sarah Palin endorses these candidates

Here is a list of the candidates that Sarah Palin is endorsing. At some point, I will add a list of the candidates, in addition to Barbara Boxer, that Obamacorn is endorsing.

I encourage you to check out these candidates if you live in their district. Also, if you want more information on why Sarah is endorsing them, check out her facebook page so has written a note about each one.

Joe Miller for Alaska US Senate  www.joemiller.us.

Jan Brewer for Arizona Governor www.janbrewer.com

Dr. Paul Gosar for Arizona 1st Congressional District www.gosarforcongress.com

Carly Fiorina for California US Senate  http://www.carlyforcalifornia.com/

Star Parker for California 37th Congressional District www.StarParkerforCongress.com

Bob McConnell for Colorado 3rd Congressional District www.mcconnellforcongress.com

Karen Handel for Georgia Governor www.KarenHandel.com

Todd Tiahrt for Kansas US Senate www.ToddTiahrt.com

Tom Emmer for Minnesota Governor http://www.emmerforgovernor.com/

Kelly Ayotte for New Hampshire US Senate www.ayotteforsenate.com

Susana Martinez for Governor New Mexico http://www.susanamartinez2010.com/

John Gomez for New York 2nd Congressional District www.gomez2010.com

Michael Grimm for New York 13th Congressional District www.grimmforcongress.com

Ann Marie Buerkle for New York 25th Congressional District www.buerkleforcongress.com

Mary Fallin for Oklahoma Governor race www.maryfallin.org

Nikki Haley for SC Governor www.nikkihaley.com

Tim Scott for South Carolina 1st Congressional District www.votetimscott.com

CeCe Heil for Tennessee 5th Congressional District www.ceceforcongress.com

Clint Didier for Washington Senate http://www.clintdidier.org/home.html

John Koster for Washington 2nd Congressional District www.kosterforcongress.com

Cathy McMorris Rodgers Washington 5th Congregssional District  www.cathyforcongress.com

Bob Etheridge can be nice if you tell him you are a Democrat

So, if you introduce yourself to Bob Etheridge (D – North Carolina) by telling him know that you will paint him a good light, then he won’t attack you when you approach him on Capitol Hill. Or is it that he really doesn’t want to be recorded as supporting Obama?

From Legal Insurrection – Bob Etheridge approached on Capitol Hill

From Gateway Pundit – Obama’s endorsement is kiss of death