What does it mean to vote with your “lady parts”?

So for those of you who feel that voting for your “lady parts” is so important that you place that issue above all others, including the national security of this country, I want you to think about something.  If you watch some of the population control movies from the 60s and 70s, you will notice that it isn’t something just encouraged but that it is required.

I ask you to think about this.  What is to stop a country that is giving you free birth control at your desire, free sterilization as you may wish and free abortions as needed to change that to mandatory birth control, mandatory sterilization and mandatory abortions.

Two things to consider as you try to say to yourself that this is not possible.  Think about who created those movies that were set so far in the future in about the year 2000.  Are they the same who are supporting the idea of free birth control, sterilization and abortions now?  Then think of how the democrats seem to embrace many of the ideals of the Chinese government.  Perhaps, one of those many ideals is the government’s ability to control births.

Since you are basing your vote on protecting the right for women to choice, perhaps you may want to investigate and decide if you vote for “free stuff” that in the future the government may decide isn’t so much about choice but required choices?  It is your vote.  Since, choice is so important to you and it is the only issue you will use to determine how you vote, then I suggest you vote as if your freedom of choice depends on it, which means to say no thanks to the strings attached to the “free stuff” they have put out as bait.  Personally, I find the economy, national security more important and that is what I am basing my vote on.

Christmas shopping and tax revenues

Last night I thought of a way to explain how tax revenue can go up in a very simple way.  It can be compared to Black Friday in the retail world.  Okay, so you may be wondering how can people spending money in a shopping frenzy be compared to the government collecting taxes.  First of all, the reason it is called Black Friday is because until that day, retail corporations are in the red.  The amount of sales on this day is when they actually show a profit.  As you ponder that for a second, think of the reason why they show a profit, people spend money.  When they were afraid that people would not have the money to shop, they were concerned about being able to show a profit.  So, what do they do to increase their revenue?  Did they raise the prices so that they would make more money on the items that were sold?  Less items sold but at a higher price so they make money on what is sold?  Nope, they did the total opposite, they reduced their prices so that more people would come into the stores and shop.  They may not have bought as much as they did in previous years, but with more people spending money the stores did see a profit.  Thus, by lowering the tax rates the tax revenues will be raised because the lower tax rates will encourage companies to hire more people who will in turn pay taxes.  They will be producers and produce tax revenues rather than only consuming products paid for by tax revenues.

Here is a reminder of how taxing some higher cost items impacted the economy. http://wp.me/plU1X-tw

On a totally different subject here is one thing to remember about budgeting, they start at current levels and increase spending from there.  They spend the money in the current fiscal year to make sure they can show they need the money so they do not have to cut from current spending levels, even when budgets cuts are requested.

Also, for those who say that some should pay a higher rate, remember you can donate to the IRS.  Are you doing that or deep down do you think everyone else but you should pay more but you use the royal we?

Paul Ryan makes economics make sense

The phrase by Jackie Gleason of How sweet it is keeps going through my mind today.  I really have no opinion about Paul Ryan as the pick for the VP.  I like him and think he is the best choice of the names I heard floated.   But, I really had not planned on writing a post about the VP pick.  The more I read the more I like him and am getting excited about the knowledge and experience that he is bringing to the campaign.  He was a economics major in college.  To me the brightest people can decipher all the economic theories and apply them to the world.  I pretty much got supply and demand theory and that was enough to get me through the required economic classes.  Dare I say that he is making being an economist sexy?

But, it was something else that dawned on me today that I wanted to post about.  I started this blog in October 2008 because I was frustrated by what was going on with the media’s reporting of the campaign.  I needed a place to vent.  When Obama won in November, conservatives began to look forward to 2012 when we could elect a Republican to replace him.  We are in the home stretch of the four years.  We continue to look forward to voting in November.  Now we have the names that we will be voting for.  Romney and Ryan.  Two men who have the experience that is needed to turn this economy around.   Looking Forward with Romney and Ryan to a better economy.

It’s about the victims, not the shooter and not the politics

I’ve been tempted to make a comment about the issue of gun control, but I have stayed quiet.  Now, a young man in the midst of grief said the best thing anyone could say or should say.  Yes, let’s focus on those who have been injured or killed by being in the wrong place at the wrong time.  Let’s remember their names and faces, not someone who in the cover of dark sought out attention.


Taxation without Representation

We learned those words at an early age.  We learned about the tea parties at an early age.  We all have the mental image of a bunch of men dressed as Indians throwing boxes off of a wooden ship.  But, did we ever really grasp what was going on that caused the men to feel like they had no choice but to revolt and to show their anger by doing this?  I don’t think so.

Even now, as I have embraced the Tea Party ideals, I never really got it.  I read something this weekend about the Stamp Tax that suddenly made things fall in place for me.  The Stamp Tax was a tax on paper.  It meant that every single piece of paper was taxed no matter what its use.  Think about even in this digital age how much paper we touch on a daily basis.  What if you had to pay a special tax (on top of every other tax) for that piece of paper.  Now think back to how much paper was used 30 years ago and if all that paper was taxed.  Don’t just think of paper as sheets of paper.  Think about newspapers, magazines, books and how about playing cards.  Yep, a special tax just on those type things.  As I read this, I realized that Obamatax is exactly the same as the Stamp Tax, except it is a special tax (on top of every other tax) on medical devices.  You know, crutches, prescription drugs, OTC drugs, Tampons, and even band aids.  Remember that the Director of Health and Human Services has the ultimate authority to decide what can be done in regards to Obamatax.  If the tax isn’t there now, it will be coming to you soon.  Because that is the other part of it.  The reason for the taxes are to support the overspending by the government.  As they say history repeats itself.  Look up why the Stamp Tax was needed by England if you don’t believe that.

Why I did it

Today, I followed through with the decision I made to make sure I visited Chick fil a to support them since they have been in the news this week.  I wasn’t quite sure until this morning why I felt I needed to do this.  I really don’t care one way or another about gay marriage.  I don’t necessarily agree with either side on how it is being handled politically so that has led me to just ignore it as a political issue.  Personally, I think almost all the social issues that are in political platforms are there to rev up the base more than anything else.  As I once heard said, the courts are never going to revise abortion because to do so would take away the big social platform issue that is used to distract the voting public from the key issues that are based in what they are supposed to do based on that little piece of paper our founding fathers signed.

It is all this that finally made me realize why I needed to show support to Chick fil a.  It has to do with the right to have an opinion.  It is the right to voice the said opinion.  I may not agree with the opinion, but I support a person’s right to have it and voice it.  I also support your decision to boycott a company because of their stance on an issue.  But, know that when I hear of a boycott against a company, I may just decide to show more support to that company.  So, don’t expect me to decide to boycott a company because you don’t agree with their stance.

I say all this because what scares me even more than any of these issues is that we are getting to a point in our country where we are all supposed to have the same opinion on all issues that has been determined by who.  Where did these original opinions come from?  How as a country did we come to the point where we all feel like we all have to think exactly alike when it comes to social, economic and security issues?  Especially, when it comes to opinions that are based on emotion and no facts.

So, that is why I had to support Chick fil a today.  I wanted to support the fact that the owners of the company have an opinion about a social issue that is their right to have and to say.  I don’t want this country to become one where no one is allowed to have an opinion.  Besides, how would you feel if the tide turned and what your opinion on a subject was different than what others think should be allowed to be said?