Obama announces budget plans


Well, Obama has announced his taxes because you know when the economy is tanking the best thing to do is to make people pay more taxes. Umm, I still wonder how many people are doing what I am doing and that is sitting on their money rather than invest it. Why make money when it will be taxed? If I hold on to it and don’t spend it at least I know I will still have the same amount I started with. Yes, I said I don’t invest it and I don’t spend it. It is doing nothing so it doesn’t help the economy. See, that is what no one seems to realize, by having more money to spend then we help others by giving them more income that they can then spend by giving others more income. Wow, there is a sentence that sounds like he is going after those who forget to pay their taxes. I hope he starts looking at those in DC first.

Obama Budget Plans

Oh, and by the way, I finally read somewhere that the $13 figure that has been quoted is for the $800 tax credit for couples. I even think it is aimed toward single income couples because if there is double income, then only about $6 would be taken out of individual paychecks. So, that means that I will end up holding on to about 15 cents per hour more. The good news is that Obama is expecting companies to change their software so it can start in April. (Has anyone asked what the cost to companies is going to be for updating their computer systems for this tax credit? This probably really affects small businesses.) One person I know is wondering how much head of households will get because only amounts for couples and singles has been mentioned.


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