Taxation without Representation

We learned those words at an early age.  We learned about the tea parties at an early age.  We all have the mental image of a bunch of men dressed as Indians throwing boxes off of a wooden ship.  But, did we ever really grasp what was going on that caused the men to feel like they had no choice but to revolt and to show their anger by doing this?  I don’t think so.

Even now, as I have embraced the Tea Party ideals, I never really got it.  I read something this weekend about the Stamp Tax that suddenly made things fall in place for me.  The Stamp Tax was a tax on paper.  It meant that every single piece of paper was taxed no matter what its use.  Think about even in this digital age how much paper we touch on a daily basis.  What if you had to pay a special tax (on top of every other tax) for that piece of paper.  Now think back to how much paper was used 30 years ago and if all that paper was taxed.  Don’t just think of paper as sheets of paper.  Think about newspapers, magazines, books and how about playing cards.  Yep, a special tax just on those type things.  As I read this, I realized that Obamatax is exactly the same as the Stamp Tax, except it is a special tax (on top of every other tax) on medical devices.  You know, crutches, prescription drugs, OTC drugs, Tampons, and even band aids.  Remember that the Director of Health and Human Services has the ultimate authority to decide what can be done in regards to Obamatax.  If the tax isn’t there now, it will be coming to you soon.  Because that is the other part of it.  The reason for the taxes are to support the overspending by the government.  As they say history repeats itself.  Look up why the Stamp Tax was needed by England if you don’t believe that.


Sen Schumer shuts down a meeting so citizens can’t meet with our elected officials

whose salaries we pay and are elected by WE THE PEOPLE to represent us in DC.

Well, a meeting is scheduled in a specific room in advance…and then Chuck Schumer decides that the meeting can’t have the room so they can’t meet…

From The Other McCain

Remember Chuck Schumer at one time held what had been Anthony Weiner’s seat and Anthony Weiner considered him to be his mentor and thought he would follow in his footsteps.

So why is it that the Occupy Wall Street group can act in civil disobedience and break the laws and are embraced by the Democrats but yet when a group of citizens arrange a meeting with members of Congress and ensure that everything is done to reserve the room, a Democrat decides to not allow them to meet. So, breaking the law is fine but following the rules is not?