Once Again, Bill Ayers says he wants royalities for Obama’s book

Remember the guy who Obama said was just a guy that lives in the neighborhood, Bill Ayers.  Well, Jack Cahill has written many posts on American Thinker giving analysis to show that Bill Ayers wrote “Dreams From My Father” by Barack Obama.  Remember the book that was so amazing that liberals used to show why Obama, the brilliant man who wrote it should be elected as President.  The only problem is that if you can find something that Obama has written, you will notice that the writing styles are totally different even to my untrained eye.

This isn’t the first I have read that Ayers has said in a jokingly manner that he wrote the book, and probably not the first time I have posted about it.   So, via Jack Cahill on American Thinker Ayers affirms he wrote Dreams From My Father.  It is also interesting to note that Ayers makes it clear that he didn’t write Audacity of Hope.  If nothing else, that makes it clear at least to me that there were two authors behind Barack Obama’s books.

So, finally, I have a request for Bill Ayers.  Please tell us how you really feel about Obama.  He is a man who I suspect you have known for the majority of his life, especially adult life.  I am sure you know him even better than his wife does.








Bill Ayers retires from teaching but denied emeritus status

Bill Ayers recently retired from teaching. However, due to some of his earlier activities in life, the poor thing was not given emeritus status. Gee, I am surprised that after the Kennedy’s stood by his buddy, Barack Obama (by the way is his name still legally Barry Soetoro) that Robert Kennedy’s son would stand up to Bill Ayers and say that because the Weather Underground dedicated The Prairie Fire to Sirhan Sirhan along with other “political prisoners.” What is even worse is that the MSM is standing by Bill Ayers because the bombings that the Weather Underground did were nonfatal. Remember that nonfatal means that no one died not that no one was injured. And considering the blotched Fort Dix bomb that exploded and killed a couple of women in the Weather Underground wouldn’t that mean that they were responsible for deaths due to their bombs?From Founding Bloggers

Michelle Malkin has a great article about it including links to Zombie’s posts about Prairie Fire. I made it to page 26 of Prairie Fire before I threw up in my mouth a little and couldn’t read another word of it. You know the one problem with him retiring is that this means he has more time to spend in the White House.

In looking for articles on how he has visited the White House and it not being reported I found this great article. Bill Ayers and Obama – Why It’s Important Toward the bottom of the article is a section about reports that Bill Ayers has visited the White House, which they deny. You decide if you believe it. I would almost wouldn’t put it past the White House to have visitors with similar names just so they could make a denial…naw, they make denials even when the proof is in front of their eyes.

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Why can’t we just realize war has been declared on us…by the democrats?

So, the House is going to be voting soon on the Disclose Act. I thought for about 30 seconds on whether to call Jim Cooper to tel him to vote NO. But, he is going to vote as Nancy Pelosi tells him. He thinks he will be part of the great new world that the Democrats are creating, but sadly I think the people will revolt when they realize what is going on. It is sad that Obamacorn has basically declared war on multiple states. The gulf states with the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico and the Immigration Law in Arizona. It is sad that we have a president and a bunch of representatives that are more concerned about destroying this great country than actually supporting what makes it great – We the people.

I see pictures being posted by liberals on facebook talking about how horrible things are in the gulf states as oil washes up on the beaches. Yet, they seem to be clueless on the parts that Obama is playing in this. He has known since February that the oil rig had problems. The MMS allowed the oil rig to avoid an inspection about a week or so before the explosion occurred. Obama is doing everything to stop ALL deep sea drilling as a response. But, do you hear about Chavez nationalizing American oil rigs as in Venezuela now owns something without compensating company for them? Have you heard about Soros investing in oil rigs in Brazil? Have you heard about the almost 30 offers of help that Obama has either ignored or refused? Have you heard about the sand dreggers that were stopped because of safety issues (making sure they had life vests on board by the coast guard?) Have you heard about the company that had oil booms read to be used but they were refused because they were not good enough to use? Have you heard about the sand berms that finally Jindal decided to have built to try to defend his state, but he was stopped because they might not be good for the environment? Yet, oil spilling out and ruining the land is not an environmental issue?

And, of course, now taxes will have to be increased to pay for all the damage that has occurred.

As a reminder, remember that some of the men that Obama has quietly surrounded himself with are Bill Ayers, Wade Rathke, Van Jones, and George Soros.

Updated to add. Of course, the Democrats passed the Disclose Act with Jim Cooper Voting for it. Also, Bob Etheridge (D – North Carolina) supported the Disclose Act.

But of course, this post from Hot Air says it all Hank Johnson: We need to pass the DISCLOSE Act to stop Republicans from winning elections Check out the link to see the video it has.

What has Bill Ayers done lately?

I have wondered why I haven’t heard much about Bill Ayers, and then I saw this post. Of course, I have to link to it and quote a bit from it since I think so little of Bill Ayers. My biggest problem with him is that he is a hypocrite and doesn’t even realize it. I would love to see his tax return from last year of how much money he made. Think about it, here is a radical communist who doesn’t turn over all his income to the government so they can figure out how much he should earn each year. Remember that Obamacorn does want to control salaries of others, so why not start with “just a guy in the neighborhood. Also, Bill Ayers would be classified a trust fund baby so he has always had more money than he knew what to do with.

But, what struck me in this post is what Cindy Sheehan said about the differences between the Obamacorn regime and the Bush presidency. It is interesting that Bush allowed her free speech while Obamacorn has tried to stop it. Umm, I thought they were pretty much on the same page and that is why she wasn’t protesting against him. No, it has to do with the restraining order the White House has against her.

From American Thinker WAAH! Nobody Likes Me! – An Evening with Cindy Sheehan and Bill Ayers

Despite being the least focused and least strident of the three speakers, Cindy Sheehan was in many ways the most insightful. In addition to admitting that her speech was freer under Bush (under Bush, she never spent a night or more than eight hours in jail and never had a restraining order issued against her; under Obama, she was once jailed for 52 hours, and the White House has a restraining order against her), she also questioned why under Obama, the antiwar movement doesn’t seem as important or interesting. In my favorite analogy of the night, she said she felt like the Maytag Repairman of activists. Without actually answering these questions or even expressing a curiosity about this apparent irony, she was able to at least posit that the antiwar movement, when it was popular, was really an anti-Bush movement and that without Bush, no one seems interested in protesting progressive issues.

China says, Obama says, sounds like a game of simon says

I feel like this is a joke, as in a man walks in a bar and…. Unfortunately, it is our economy, our money and our future that is the punchlines of these articles. Isn’t it interesting that one day China says “there isn’t enough money in the world to buy the US treasuries” and the next day Obamacorn says “we must not keep spending like this in monopoly money”. Hmmm, so who seems to understand our economy better? I know that I am not spending my money like it is monopoly money, so I wonder who is. I don’t think people are buying Christmas presents like they are using monopoly money. Dare I admit I am giving books I bought at a used bookstore as gifts this year? Yep, that says a lot about how I am spending my money this year. So,

China Says
Obamacorn says

So, in my mind with the healthcare bill being our Christmas presents this year. Isn’t it nice how much of OUR money went to buy the Senators votes? I began to think that we need to look at China’s healthcare plans to see what is in store for us. I have said for a while that I think that Obamacorn and his buddies are using China as a plan for what they want this country to become. As a reference I suggest reading Bill Ayers Prairie Fire to see where this all began. He introduced these ideas to Obamacorn, and they are now becoming the basis of this country.

Sad isn’t it that the washed up hippies of the 60s that couldn’t adjust to society are now running our society?

Ted Kennedy, Barack Obama, Bill Ayers, Sirhan Sirhan, Robert Kennedy

Isn’t playing six degrees of separation fun? Probably not when you are a Kennedy.

On Gateway Pundit, we are reminded the 3 degrees of separation from Obama to Sirhan Sirhan…you know the guy who killed Ted Kennedy’s brother. Isn’t it interesting that they seem to have forgotten that Obama’s close friend, Bill Ayers thought enough of what Sirhan Sirhan did to include him in the dedication to Prairie Fire. Isn’t it interesting that the Kennedy’s thought enough of Ted to ask Obama to do the eulogy. Isn’t it sad that all seem to have forgotten about Robert Kennedy and why and how he was murdered?

As a reminder here are some posts I did on Bill Ayers. But you can also find more by looking under Weather Underground or Bill Ayers tags.

Next generation of weather underground reporting

Billy Ayers pops up all the time. Now, the son of his Weather Underground buddies that are in jail for murdering men during the Brinks Armed Robbery that he raised has written a book. I wonder if his book would get much notice if he wasn’t connected to Billy Ayers. The book actually seems kind of boring to me, but…. Of course, those who love Billy Ayers will by the book to compare it to his writings. I wish they would do that for one of Obama’s book.

Son of Weather Undergrounds writes a book
h/t Hillbuzz

Forgot I wanted to make this comment about this book. Don’t you just love that this kid that was raised in the Weather Underground went to a private school and then was named a Rhodes Scholar. This is a group that wanted and wants to destroy this country because they think that their view of how the country should be run is better than the system we have in place. But, if you look at their actions, they really seem to love the perks of the capitalist system we have in place. Just like when Bill Ayers had to call the police for protect. Yep, the same “pigs” that he tried to kill in the 60s, 70s and 80s. I think he still thinks that way because he is republishing some of his earlier books.