Why the funding of the military is fundamental to the US

Every once in a while when I get into a discussion about various issues that involve how DC is spending our money, the argument comes up that they don’t like the money going toward the military. I have decided to respond to this comment here. I admit I really didn’t know how to respond to it because I felt it was one of those things that we all have things that we wish the government didn’t pay for and we have to accept it for what it is. But, the problem with that argument about the government not funding the military goes back to one of the basic reasons we are the UNITED States of America. See, back then as we find continue to see now, the states wanted to keep as much decision making at that level rather than having someone in New Hampshire making decisions for Georgia (for instance.) I mean, unless you live in Wyoming, do you really think that the lawmakers from that state understand the needs for a state that has huge urban areas or a lot of farmland? It was the same then when the New England states were more industrialized than the states in the south. And while slavery was an issue it was the only issue that was up for debate as the founding fathers created our country. In fact, there really were only two reasons why they supported joining together the colonies. The two reasons were trade and defense. As you read the Bill of Rights, you can see how they limited the federal government in order to give the states the strength to make their own decisions. In fact, the whole reason for the 10th Amendment is to give the states all the rights not given to the Federal Government, which really were based on the need for a collective group to be able to defend the country from attacks from other countries, as happened with the War of 1812, and to be able to engage in trade with other countries, rather than having 13 colonies separately try to do so. So, isn’t it interesting that the one part of the budget that many on the left would like to not have is one of the few reasons we were formed as a country.

The other side to the argument about not funding the military came to me as I read something about pacifists and their desire to avoid World War II. I can understand that they don’t like the idea of fighting and don’t want to be around it. It reminds me of all the talk about trying to stop bullying. No matter what is said and done, bullying will exist. The most recent example of bullying I saw was a bird that would not allow other birds around the bird feeder. It is part of who we have been created to be. Sadly, sometimes I think the unspoken part of the message about not funding the military is that those who do want to have a strong military, do so because they want war and like the idea of going to war, thus the reason for wanting to fund the military.

Just as much as we would like to live in a crime free world, crime will exist. It was this idea that gave me the way I see the defense budget. I would love to live my life where I don’t have to worry about locking my house and that I could leave my keys in my car with it sitting in my driveway. Sadly, those days are over and we have to protect ourselves from those who would take a car with keys in it or go from house to house looking for an unlocked door. Women have to worry about being attacked and raped. Thus, the need for the military to protect us as a country as well as protect us as individuals in not something that we can avoid. It is something that allows us to have some degree of security that the door will stay locked at night when we go to bed and not be forced open by soldiers of another country.

So that is my two cents on why one of the few rights that the founding fathers gave to the Federal government was for the military.


Soros investments pay off when it comes to the new scanners

I wanted to link this article about Soros and the money he is making on the new airport scanners. Gee, isn’t it interesting that whatever decision Obama or the White House makes that is bad for the citizens of this country seems to be a money maker for Soros. For instance, look at how much money Soros made when oil drilling was stopped in the gulf. People living in the gulf lost a lot but Soros invested in offshore drilling in Brazil with a little company named Petrobras.

From Gateway Pundit

Obama can’t handle the job so he blames Bush

You know there is a reason why presidents tend to keep quiet about previous presidents and not talk about the current presidents. They know what it is like to be in the position of making decisions based on information that they have received that may not be known to the general public. They may not agree when it comes to politics or the decisions that are made but they understand the process and pressures that accompany the position.

When I read that Obama is once again blaming Bush for the trouble he is having in the White House on Gateway Pundit, the first thought that came to mind is that he really has no idea what he is doing for the reasons I mentioned above. If he really was able to handle being president and do the job he would realize that Bush had been in the same position. Instead, he continues to use the only democrat line they have available to defend their policies that are making things worse instead of better. Of course, they can’t blame themselves since they have had control of Congress since 2007. When did things start getting worse? Oh, yeah about the time they regained control of Congress.

Finally, it gets tiring to want to debate progressives and they can’t. Now I understand why. It is hard to debate someone when you don’t have any material to use for your points in the debate. You can’t talk about how Obamacare will have a positive impact on the economy and that goes for Cap and Trade as well. What can they say about Arizona and the criminals that are coming into this country and continuing to commit crimes with the backing of the democrat party? So, all they can do is point their finger at the right and call us idiots. I guess they forget that old saying that when you point one finger at me you have 3 pointing back at yourself.

Businesses lobby for amnesty for illegal aliens

Wow, businesses want to hire people that break the law. In 2007, Tennessee passed the Illegal Alien Employment Act. This allows businesses to be reported for hiring illegal aliens. So, as we have a 9.5% reported unemployment level, rather than hire citizens who need jobs, what do these businesses want to do. They are lobbying for the government to make it easier for them to keep these workers. My question to them is this. If immigration reform makes it easier for them to become citizens and they now have to pay taxes and such as citizens or guest workers, aren’t they going to want higher wages? Once they want higher wages, aren’t you going to decide it is easier to just keep hiring illegal aliens who won’t want to be paid as much?

Overall my thoughts are this…if companies are willing to cut corners by hiring illegal aliens at a lower wage, what other corners are they willing to cut?

Tea Parties are making a difference

I saw a headline on the cover of a magazine that asked the question of what can progressives learn from the Tea Partiers in order to take back Main Street. It got me thinking about when did progressives ever own or control Main Street in order to want to take it back. Then, it dawned on me that progressives don’t like Main Street at all. Think of small town USA with Main Street, what do you find on Main Street? It is made of Mom and Pop stores that were built on America dreams of capitalism. Capitalism is the antithesis of progressives. The word that really explains their desire to take back Main Street is that they want to control Main Street. I found the article on line and read a bit of it. The part that was interesting is how upset they are with Obamacorn’s inability to push forward the progressive movements ideals. However, it is sad that they don’t get it. They don’t understand that many of the issues that Tea Partiers have is that government control of our lives is not what we want. We are adults and can make our own decisions. We do not need progressives to take over Main Street America in order to tell us that we can’t eat food with salt in it because salt is bad for us or that we can’t drink sodas that have sugar in it. In fact, we don’t want them to try to explain to us why people who are criminals the second they step food in this country are just trying to start a better life for themselves. Instead, they need to look at many of those criminals and see that they continue to be criminals in this country by smuggle drugs and humans into this country, form gangs that take up resources in most states that are paid for by taxpayers. Then, they need to look at the list of victims of crimes by these that they think are here to make a better life for themselves. On the list they will see the woman who was violently raped and murdered by her next door neighbor, the man riding his motorcycle home that was killed by a drunk driver or the couple driving home killed by a drunk driver or even the child who was sexually molested and murdered. While I can hear the arguments that citizens commit these same type crimes. My response to those who say that is but if the criminal wasn’t in the country, chances are those people would still be alive or at least would not have died at the hands of illegal immigrant.

And, while we are at, let’s stop calling liberals and democrats that we need to call them what they are and that is progressives. We need to assist moderate democrats who believe that anyone who calls themselves a democrat is that…and help them see those who are truly progressives as opposed to a democrat.

Jan Brewer stands up for Arizona and its citizens

I love this woman. She is standing up for her state. What a great way to point out that parts of our country are so dangerous due to those who cross the border illegally!

Note to Jan Brewer and citizens of Arizona. I stand by you 100%, I’m just sorry that I can’t afford to travel to your state at this time.

Note to Obama and democrats can you hear us now? I want our borders closed so that as a citizen of the USA I feel safe from criminals who are smuggling drugs, guns and humans across the border and into other states in this country. You know the states that you were elected to protect per your job description. If you need to review your job description, you can find it in the Bill of Rights and Constitution.

Citizens (tourists) are warned not to travel to…parts of the United States

The State Department has a list of countries that are considered unsafe for citizens to travel to. Well, now the US Department of the Interior is posting warning for citizens to not travel to parts of Arizona due to safety issues.

From Gretawire

If it is just a few miles in Arizona but illegal aliens are coming into this country for a better life, then why worry about it, right?

The answer is no because if you look at the sign, you will notice the reason why. Notice the words ACTIVE DRUG AND HUMAN SMUGGLING. That does not sound like innocent people are crossing the borders for a better life. It sounds like criminals to me. Are they all settling in nice little homes in Arizona or is Arizona just the gateway to other states? What happens when you see signs warning you not to travel in parts of your city or state?

But, hey Obamacorn still thinks the Arizona Immigration Law is wrong.