Besides golfing is Obama watching his money grow during the oil spill?

I’ve been thinking that the whole shakedown of Tony Heyward was just a “wink, wink” kind of way for BP to get off the hook and for Obamacorn to look good. Look who is going to profit from the oil spill…(I guess Soros has taught him well.)

From Expose Liberals Bias

Well isn’t this interesting? Check out what revealed. Obama will earn nearly $85 MILLION from this gulf oil disaster! No wonder he has all this time for golfing, parties, and never spoke to BP CEO Tony Hayward! It’s all becoming all too clear now:


Dow Jones March 23, 2009


The Dow Jones goes up supposedly with news of the housing market. But, from what I am hearing from low level people in the stock market I think that the brokerage firms have decided that it is time to tell people to buy with the reasoning that the market has hit the bottom. Remember that they get a commission whether you buy or sell for a profit or loss. But, I would guess that the more they sell or buy the better they do.

Dow Jones March 19 2009

With everything going on, anyone know why the dow jones is going? Does it have to do with the $1 trillion dollars printed the other day? Does it have anything to do with the AIG bonuses? Or is it just people thinking that it is the day after Thanksgiving and everything is on sale?

Today’s dow jones chart

From November 4, 2009 to today

Dow Jones March 12, 2009

The good news is that it seems like the Dow Jones is going back up. The question is if this is a result of investors feeling more confident of the economy or if investors are taking advantage of the low values and buying stock. I had heard last fall that many felt that 7000 would be where the market would bottom out. Maybe once it hit that point, investors decided it was time to bargain hunt.


Dow Jones March 9 2009


I’m really getting tired of this downward trend. I feel like Obama acts like only the rich are affected by Wall Street. I hate to tell him but every person in the United States has been affected. While my retirement plans lost money, I knew the investments were a form of gambling and I lost. But, now people who never invested are being affected. You wonder why. Well, it has been shown that the economy has the greatest impact on donations to nonprofits. You know the groups that provide meals to the elderly and housebound adults, after school programs, food to those who need a little help making ends meet, arts programs such as museums, and early education programs to name but a few. Yes, federal funds usually help these as well but they still need private donations as well.

Here is the Dow Jones for today.