Small town values

I don’t live in a small town, I live in a middle size town, but grew up in a city that is considered a pretty international city.  I still have small town values.  I am wondering why Powell doesn’t like small town values and thinks they need to go away.  Also, I am wondering why he still feels he is part of the GOP, sorry, but when you came out and said what you did when you endorsed Obama, I feel like you showed that you are not part of the party.  I would classify you as an independent.  Don’t come back now and try to act like you are part of the GOP inner circle when you became part of Obama’s inner circle.  So, Mr. Powell, why don’t you think small town values are something a politician should support.  So, if you are not for small town values does that mean you think we should go with big city values?  Which makes me wonder, what exactly are big city values?  I feel insulted in what I am reading that infers what it does about what you are saying about those who might still value the ideals of living in a small town.

Also, with the crack about Rush, and I don’t listen to Rush, I feel like you are saying something about anyone who does not think like you do.  Boy, are you putting your foot in your mouth.  Why is it that it seems like we are in a world now that if you aren’t liberal and want to have everyone else control your life, you can’t even tie your own shoes.  Personally, I have found that usually when people want to control other people’s lives, it is because they can’t control their own life.  So, what can’t you control in your own life that leads you to try to control everyone else’s lives.  OH, and please realize the cuts to women are called sexist, you know similar to racist comments but based on the person’s gender rather than their ethnicity.