My opinion about the Republican Party

I am starting to read postings and articles about why the Republican Party lost this election with an emphasis that they need to rid the party of Rinos.  I wish the answer was as simple as that, but I think the problem is that a lot of people support the Rinos because they do not see themselves as right wing republicans.  I feel like the right wing republicans are using this as a way to take control of the party rather than embracing people and showing them that the Republican Party is the party of the people. 


I was raised in the south where I voted for democrats in local elections and republicans for President.  I considered myself a democrat mainly because the Republican Party was nonexistent in the south.  Now, I have a choice and I see the Republican Party as being closer to what I value.  However, there are parts of this party that I do not agree with.  I had a realization that it seems like the Democrat Party wants to control people monetarily and the Republican Party wants to control people on social issues.  I think that the Republican Party needs to go back to individual rights and forget about a lot of the social issues that really seem to take away individual rights.  We may not agree with them, but I think those issues are what forces people to call themselves as moderate.  In addition, people will decide to vote for the Libertarian Party because they are similar to the Republican Party except they are for even less government. 


While I wonder why so many Republicans lost in the Congress, I think it comes down to the party being blamed for the troubles and voters not realizing that Democrats have been running the show for the past 2 years.  In regards to the Presidential election, I don’t think the Republican Party lost because of anything they did, I think the lost because of Chicago politics.  (As a side note, I heard when I was growing up that Kennedy only won Illinois because of Chicago politics.  I guess some things don’t change.)  Okay, maybe I will say that the Republicans lost because they didn’t fight Chicago politics.  You know the billion that Obama spent, the press not looking into Obama’s past, the campaign forcing stations to not run stories or ads, and the hiding of those whose beliefs would have turned off voters. 


I think rather than feeling like the Republican Party needs to change, I think they need to figure out how to really educate the public about what they really stand for.