I’m wondering how McCain really feels about Palin

I can’t decide if McCain just worded this badly or if he really doesn’t support Sarah. I can understand that he doesn’t want to be quoted in the future as being for her when he may decide to support another candidate. But, couldn’t he had said something better than what he did? For instance, well, I asked her to be my vice president, I thought if need be she would be able to be president. Also, why did he use the past tense in regards to her family? It just reinforces my lack of belief in him that he really wanted her as his VP. I think he felt threatened by her, and let his team mismanage her so that she did not end up shining in interviews when she had before and after stepping in as his running mate.

McCain sidesteps question about supporting Palin

I am just frustrated because if feels like while it appears that the glass ceiling was banged up a bit in this election, I feel like in the next few years women are going to end up being pushed back a couple of decades.

Judge them by their friends

I’m watching McCain at a rally in Tampa.  Joe Lieberman is standing right behind him and it just dawns on me that says a lot about his character.  Have you noticed who McCain surrounds himself with, Joe Lieberman and Lindsey Graham?  Yes, they are politicians, but ones that seem to be well liked by their peers.  Look at who we see around Obama.  Oh, that is right, it appears that his friends aren’t allowed to be around him because they are not ones that the voters would approve of.  You know, Rashid Khalidi, Bill Ayers and others. 

My question for you is simple, of the men and women who surround Obama and McCain, who is surrounded by men and women you respect and would want to be around yourself?

I Believe

This picture has given me hope again.  It is those who seem to be talked about but not to by Obama/Biden are going to come out. 

This picture comes from this post.  http://article.nationalreview.com/?q=NWRhZDE1ODdiYzRiMzcyMWM5NzNjMWMxMDQ1ZDRkYzI=&w=MA==

We all have ancestors who came to this country to live the American Dream and to give freedom to their children.  I have a love of history and find it sad that people don’t look at the history of this country or even the history of their own family to see what the future should hold.  It seems to me that at the same time there are people who are eaten up with jealousy of those who have succeeded or who’s family has succeeded.  Rather than put that jealousy into something to make their life better, they put it into bringing down those who are successful. 

Strange realization has come from this picture and my own current life experiences.  It is the reason why I never really pursued a phd.  I had the realization that I would be studying what someone else wanted me to do not my own thing.  When I tried to write a paper for entry into a phd program I realized I was trying to write what I thought they wanted me to say not what I wanted to say.  In that I realized I couldn’t go in that direction.