A tax by any other name is still a tax

So now that the Supreme Court has ruled  that Obamacare is constitutional based on Congress’ ability to tax.  Now, Obama is saying it is not a tax.  Does this mean that he is saying it is not constitutional and that it is not a law.  Ha!  It passed Congress as a tax bill.  Oh, and since it is not a tax, why the need for so many IRS agents to enforce getting this, um, penalty?

But, since in his eyes it is not a tax but a penalty, I figured it was time to look up a few definitions to see what the difference will be.

from merriam-webster


: the suffering in person, rights, or property that is annexed by law or judicial decision to the commission of a crime or public offense
: the suffering or the sum to be forfeited to which a person agrees to be subjected in case of non-fulfillment of stipulations
a : a charge usually of money imposed by authority on persons or property for public purposes
b : a sum levied on members of an organization to defray expenses
So, the words don’t have the exact same meaning.  Although there are a few who would argue that they suffer when they pay taxes.  It wasn’t until I began to look at the thesaurus that I found something interesting.  It has to do with the word fine, which means to penalize in a financial way.  In the list of synonyms I saw the word tax.  So, I can say either that Obamatax will penalize someone who doesn’t buy health insurance or Obamatax will tax someone who doesn’t by health insurance.
They can use penalty and penalize to describe it but when it comes down to the meanings of the words still end up meaning tax.  You can pick a word to make it sound better but the definition of the word doesn’t change.
Or perhaps rather than calling it a penalty or a tax, it should be called what it is…corporate welfare to the 1%.  Thanks occupiers, you got what you wanted by being played by the 1% as they begged you not to protest against them.  Please don’t throw me in the briar patch, oh yeah that story is no longer being taught since historical stories aren’t politically correct.

Did we get played by the 1%?

Yes, I am referring to that group that the OWS were against.  No matter if you are liberal or conservative, you know that in the current government, that our voices don’t hold the weight we would like because lobbyists and big dollar donors are able to have a lot more influence. 

When the SC decision came down this week I realized that we have been played by the 1%.  So, I really began to wonder what is in it for them.  Then, I realized that the wealthy get better health insurance with the restrictions of cost in place on the taxes of the middle class because the penalties won’t hit them the way it hits the middle class.  If 1$ didn’t want it, the decision would have gone the other way. 

Not quite sure why but I think the hospitals want a single payer system.  For the past few years I have been hearing that doctors have gradually gone from private practice to being employees of the hospitals with the excuse of they don’t have to worry about malpractice and get a set salary.  Then, the headlines here from the healthcare companies are that they are excited that they will be getting millions of more customers, which means more revenues for them. There is also something about batched payments that are coming down the line starting with orthopedics, which means that the insurance company will pay one amount for a procedure that incorporates all the care.  When I read that in the paper it was initiated by the insurance company.  Not quite sure how this will play out because for a while Medicare has been setting the standards of how other insurance companies pay for procedures.  Now, I wonder what really happened in DC when the insurance companies met with Congress before the bill was passed. 

All in all, I can see that this decision only benefits the 1% with maybe a few crumbs throw in to keep those without insurance happy that they expect to have the same health insurance that was promised to them by Obama.  Remember when he said that he would ensure that everyone would have the same insurance as those on Capitol Hill get?  The same group that is exempt from being covered by Obamatax. 

When they came for me there was no one left to help me

When I heard that an announcement was going to be made about charges being pressed against George Zimmerman, I once again felt punched in the chest.  I have actually kept up with the facts of this situation more than what is being reported by the media.  In fact, I was ready to scream yesterday when I kept seeing news report after news report that showed a picture of Trayvon Martin looking about 12 years old.  Hasn’t anyone wondered why they show a picture of him that young and wonder what he would look like now that he has gone through puberty?  Sadly, they have bought into the story that the media is telling without taking the time to ask themselves enough questions to do research to find out what is missing from the story.

Only two people know what really happen that night and one person is dead.  From what George Zimmerman told the police, it was enough to back up the evidence that they had to decide not to charge him. What no one really keeps bringing to the forefront of the conversation is that George Zimmerman had a gun on him that he had to keep away from Trayvon Martin.  I believe they were fighting over the gun when it went off.  Who knows whose finger was actually on the trigger.  What would have happened if the shot had gone really wild and managed to hit someone else, even by going through a window of a nearby condo?  What if the shot had killed George Zimmerman?

Suddenly, the Sandra Fluke as a victim story isn’t getting the media attention that was expected so another victim needs to appear in the news.  And, within a day or two a new victim is making the headlines.  Then, the new media starts to report the parts of the story that the media is reporting or the editing that the media has done on what is being reported.  Rather than let this story die, the media has their victim and they are going to make sure that he stays front page news.  Even by continuing to misrepresent the facts and use words like apparently or supposedly when reporting information about George Zimmerman, while stating everything about Trayvon Martin as a fact.  Except, they don’t talk about the facts that can be seen from social media accounts.  They don’t talk about any of the negative facts about Trayvon Martin or the positive facts about George Zimmerman because they don’t fit the narrative that the media wants to tell to sway the public’s opinions about this fact.

This is what scares me.  When I was young I saw a futurist movie that was set in the 21st century.  It was about the government deciding that women could only have one child.  It stayed with me because on some level I knew that the government wanted to have that kind of control over us.  So, what does that have to do with this.  In this instance, the government is showing how they can control us by rallying the media and others to make George Zimmerman the enemy.  This is what scare me.  A group has been screaming for him to be charged with something.  Well, actually, their first cry was for him to be arrested.  Then, the cry became for him to be charged with something.  Now, I am wondering if they are happy with the charge that was chosen for him.  What would have happened if they didn’t charge him with a crime to the mob’s liking?

But, think about that for a minute.  Our society has gotten to the point where a group can decide that they want someone to be made a villain and that person will be crucified by the government and the media.  Think about that for a minute and wonder what would happen if you did something or you didn’t do something but it appears you did something and suddenly you are found guilty by a mob of people.

Sadly, while having charges placed against him gives him a chance to have the truth come out.  I don’t think the truth will come out because then it will show how wrong the media has been.  I don’t think he can have a fair trial.  But, hey the mob has spoken and they have decided that he is guilty so why do we need a trial anyway, right?



What is the rest of the story

Considered guilty before found innocent.  That phrase keeps going through my mind as I read all the posts and links and news stories regarding the case of George Zimmerman and the shooting of Trayvon Martin.  Even before this I realized that it is hard not to form an opinion about a case based on our life experiences.  But, we are asked to do so when we sit on a jury and we should be able to do this when we read a news story or hear about something from our friends.  But, our forefathers had a great idea that they put in the Constitution and that is a man is to be considered innocent before being found guilty by a jury of his peers.  Sadly, it feels like we have become a nation where we find people guilty before deciding that they are innocent.  I have read comments pointing to other cases that have been in the news in the past few years, where the media has basically convinced us that a person is guilty and later there is a small oops news story that the person is totally innocent.  Too late, though the media got the story and public opinion they wanted and really don’t care about the true victim they created in the story.  I was reminded of the news story about the hate crime homicide of a census taker in Kentucky.  It was a headline news story that someone would be murdered in such a way.  It was a much smaller story when all the evidence was reviewed and it was determined that the guy had committed suicide in a way to make it look like a homicide. It is also the other news stories that never get attention that are on my mind.  What about the women who are raped, the children who are molested, and the other crimes that go on that we have learned to accept as a part of life.  Why do we not get upset about those crimes?

So, I have had a lot of thoughts going on in my head in regards to this case.  I have tried not to form an opinion regarding this.  I am beginning to wonder when the hoodie became an issue and who brought that into the news story.  I am wondering what the media is trying to do by creating this as a national news story.  It is something we have to ask ourselves on every single news story we read, even fun entertainment ones, who is the author trying to reach and what is the message the author is trying to present?  There are other questions that pop in my head that seem to be missing from this story.  Some blogs have posted some of these questions and given their opinions to the answers as well as some witnesses have now spoken out about what they saw that night.  This has left one little question in my head…what role did the gun play in the whole thing?  I don’t mean that as a way to blame the gun, but as one thing I have always heard in regards to owing a gun.  It is that you always have to be careful because a gun could be used as a weapon against you.  If Martin had attacked Zimmerman as the witness has said, then where was the gun during this attack and who had control over the gun or who was trying to gain control over the gun?  I supposed this is part of the police report that no one is paying attention to.  But, it is also the lingering question that keeps coming to mind as I read about this event.  I surely can’t be the only person who has wondered about what was going on with the gun as Zimmerman was on his back with Martin on top of him.

Finally, I will say that my opinion is this little bit of wisdom I have learned in my life: there are always two sides to a story and the truth lies somewhere in between.  I will add that with the media I tend to think the truth is way on the other side of the story they tell, but there are always grains of truth in every story.


Update #1:

Another question keeps popping in my head.  It is regarding the fact that he approached Martin and then walked away from him.  Per the witness, it was as he walked away that he was attacked by Martin.  What happened that caused Martin to decide to attack him?  What was said between the two of them before Zimmerman walked away or was anything said at all?  As these questions, keep coming popping into my head, I keep getting the same answer.  Nobody, other than the men involved and the witnesses know what happened there.  I am trying not to let the scenarios that pop into my head dictate what I think about this, but they do.  However, what is sadder is that too many people are letting the scenarios that the media and spokespeople are creating to dictate the opinions they are forming in their heads.  Sadly, I seem to remember a time when a couple of girls decided to say that a couple of women were witches and the public opinion was formed that these women were witches.  Are we really doomed to repeat history where because of what a few people say, a person is presumed guilty?

The message was simple – TRUTH

Yesterday, I watched part of the Red Eye tribute to Andrew Breitbart.  I loved that it was a celebration of his life.  As I said, I didn’t follow him, unless a news story broke that involved him.  While watching it, I kept thinking of a friend who is very liberal.  I thought that other than their political differences, she would really like this guy.  She would have loved to talk music with him because they have the same taste in music.  But, the biggest similarity that they have is that they both see the role the media plays in culture and the desire for the truth to be told.  This idea kept ping ponging in my head.  Then, I realized that Andrew Breitbart’s life is such of an example of how the media created the news so that liberals would discount him and not listen to the simple message he had.  They made him into the enemy because he was shining the light on the truth of the role the media plays.  I hope that liberals will begin to hear his message and decide to Be Breitbart and insist on the TRUTH from media and from politicians.  I’m not asking that you embrace his politics, just that you embrace his expectation to see and hear the TRUTH.  It is all that Breitbart wanted and it is all that I want.  I may not like hear the truth, but I can handle the truth and I believe that everyone else can as well.

I hope you will take the 20 minutes and watch part of the tribute the Red Eye guys gave to Andrew Breitbart.

Andrew Breitbart 1969-2012

I wasn’t going to write a post about Andrew Breitbart. I admired the man for the way that he was so fearless and stood up for what he believed in. But, I didn’t really pay attention to anything he did unless it was a major story and I felt that to say anything would seem disingenuous. I happened to watch the Weiner press conference when he ended up running the show. It reminds me now of how it really showed the leadership he exuded because the other media turned to him.

So, with all that I am shocked on the impact his death is having on me. When I saw a tweet that said he had died, I felt like I had been punched in the gut. I still feel that way. I woke up this morning and when I saw something that reminded me of it, I felt like I had been punched in the gut again. I read a post about him and I find tears welling up in my eyes. I admit I was a bit self-centered in that I prayed to God wondering why He had taken a man that this country needed to much. I felt God reminding me that we all need to do what he did. Maybe we won’t be able to be a warrior like Andrew was and be as fearless as he was. But, maybe, just maybe, we have learned a bit from him that we can use to ensure that the media and the politicians don’t take WE THE PEOPLE for granted. Maybe, just maybe, we can remember that we need to put God First, Country Second, and Ourselves Third.

RIP Andrew Breitbart. Thank you for all you did because of your love for this country.