Why I did it

Today, I followed through with the decision I made to make sure I visited Chick fil a to support them since they have been in the news this week.  I wasn’t quite sure until this morning why I felt I needed to do this.  I really don’t care one way or another about gay marriage.  I don’t necessarily agree with either side on how it is being handled politically so that has led me to just ignore it as a political issue.  Personally, I think almost all the social issues that are in political platforms are there to rev up the base more than anything else.  As I once heard said, the courts are never going to revise abortion because to do so would take away the big social platform issue that is used to distract the voting public from the key issues that are based in what they are supposed to do based on that little piece of paper our founding fathers signed.

It is all this that finally made me realize why I needed to show support to Chick fil a.  It has to do with the right to have an opinion.  It is the right to voice the said opinion.  I may not agree with the opinion, but I support a person’s right to have it and voice it.  I also support your decision to boycott a company because of their stance on an issue.  But, know that when I hear of a boycott against a company, I may just decide to show more support to that company.  So, don’t expect me to decide to boycott a company because you don’t agree with their stance.

I say all this because what scares me even more than any of these issues is that we are getting to a point in our country where we are all supposed to have the same opinion on all issues that has been determined by who.  Where did these original opinions come from?  How as a country did we come to the point where we all feel like we all have to think exactly alike when it comes to social, economic and security issues?  Especially, when it comes to opinions that are based on emotion and no facts.

So, that is why I had to support Chick fil a today.  I wanted to support the fact that the owners of the company have an opinion about a social issue that is their right to have and to say.  I don’t want this country to become one where no one is allowed to have an opinion.  Besides, how would you feel if the tide turned and what your opinion on a subject was different than what others think should be allowed to be said?



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