Did we get played by the 1%?

Yes, I am referring to that group that the OWS were against.  No matter if you are liberal or conservative, you know that in the current government, that our voices don’t hold the weight we would like because lobbyists and big dollar donors are able to have a lot more influence. 

When the SC decision came down this week I realized that we have been played by the 1%.  So, I really began to wonder what is in it for them.  Then, I realized that the wealthy get better health insurance with the restrictions of cost in place on the taxes of the middle class because the penalties won’t hit them the way it hits the middle class.  If 1$ didn’t want it, the decision would have gone the other way. 

Not quite sure why but I think the hospitals want a single payer system.  For the past few years I have been hearing that doctors have gradually gone from private practice to being employees of the hospitals with the excuse of they don’t have to worry about malpractice and get a set salary.  Then, the headlines here from the healthcare companies are that they are excited that they will be getting millions of more customers, which means more revenues for them. There is also something about batched payments that are coming down the line starting with orthopedics, which means that the insurance company will pay one amount for a procedure that incorporates all the care.  When I read that in the paper it was initiated by the insurance company.  Not quite sure how this will play out because for a while Medicare has been setting the standards of how other insurance companies pay for procedures.  Now, I wonder what really happened in DC when the insurance companies met with Congress before the bill was passed. 

All in all, I can see that this decision only benefits the 1% with maybe a few crumbs throw in to keep those without insurance happy that they expect to have the same health insurance that was promised to them by Obama.  Remember when he said that he would ensure that everyone would have the same insurance as those on Capitol Hill get?  The same group that is exempt from being covered by Obamatax. 


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