When they came for me there was no one left to help me

When I heard that an announcement was going to be made about charges being pressed against George Zimmerman, I once again felt punched in the chest.  I have actually kept up with the facts of this situation more than what is being reported by the media.  In fact, I was ready to scream yesterday when I kept seeing news report after news report that showed a picture of Trayvon Martin looking about 12 years old.  Hasn’t anyone wondered why they show a picture of him that young and wonder what he would look like now that he has gone through puberty?  Sadly, they have bought into the story that the media is telling without taking the time to ask themselves enough questions to do research to find out what is missing from the story.

Only two people know what really happen that night and one person is dead.  From what George Zimmerman told the police, it was enough to back up the evidence that they had to decide not to charge him. What no one really keeps bringing to the forefront of the conversation is that George Zimmerman had a gun on him that he had to keep away from Trayvon Martin.  I believe they were fighting over the gun when it went off.  Who knows whose finger was actually on the trigger.  What would have happened if the shot had gone really wild and managed to hit someone else, even by going through a window of a nearby condo?  What if the shot had killed George Zimmerman?

Suddenly, the Sandra Fluke as a victim story isn’t getting the media attention that was expected so another victim needs to appear in the news.  And, within a day or two a new victim is making the headlines.  Then, the new media starts to report the parts of the story that the media is reporting or the editing that the media has done on what is being reported.  Rather than let this story die, the media has their victim and they are going to make sure that he stays front page news.  Even by continuing to misrepresent the facts and use words like apparently or supposedly when reporting information about George Zimmerman, while stating everything about Trayvon Martin as a fact.  Except, they don’t talk about the facts that can be seen from social media accounts.  They don’t talk about any of the negative facts about Trayvon Martin or the positive facts about George Zimmerman because they don’t fit the narrative that the media wants to tell to sway the public’s opinions about this fact.

This is what scares me.  When I was young I saw a futurist movie that was set in the 21st century.  It was about the government deciding that women could only have one child.  It stayed with me because on some level I knew that the government wanted to have that kind of control over us.  So, what does that have to do with this.  In this instance, the government is showing how they can control us by rallying the media and others to make George Zimmerman the enemy.  This is what scare me.  A group has been screaming for him to be charged with something.  Well, actually, their first cry was for him to be arrested.  Then, the cry became for him to be charged with something.  Now, I am wondering if they are happy with the charge that was chosen for him.  What would have happened if they didn’t charge him with a crime to the mob’s liking?

But, think about that for a minute.  Our society has gotten to the point where a group can decide that they want someone to be made a villain and that person will be crucified by the government and the media.  Think about that for a minute and wonder what would happen if you did something or you didn’t do something but it appears you did something and suddenly you are found guilty by a mob of people.

Sadly, while having charges placed against him gives him a chance to have the truth come out.  I don’t think the truth will come out because then it will show how wrong the media has been.  I don’t think he can have a fair trial.  But, hey the mob has spoken and they have decided that he is guilty so why do we need a trial anyway, right?




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