The message was simple – TRUTH

Yesterday, I watched part of the Red Eye tribute to Andrew Breitbart.  I loved that it was a celebration of his life.  As I said, I didn’t follow him, unless a news story broke that involved him.  While watching it, I kept thinking of a friend who is very liberal.  I thought that other than their political differences, she would really like this guy.  She would have loved to talk music with him because they have the same taste in music.  But, the biggest similarity that they have is that they both see the role the media plays in culture and the desire for the truth to be told.  This idea kept ping ponging in my head.  Then, I realized that Andrew Breitbart’s life is such of an example of how the media created the news so that liberals would discount him and not listen to the simple message he had.  They made him into the enemy because he was shining the light on the truth of the role the media plays.  I hope that liberals will begin to hear his message and decide to Be Breitbart and insist on the TRUTH from media and from politicians.  I’m not asking that you embrace his politics, just that you embrace his expectation to see and hear the TRUTH.  It is all that Breitbart wanted and it is all that I want.  I may not like hear the truth, but I can handle the truth and I believe that everyone else can as well.

I hope you will take the 20 minutes and watch part of the tribute the Red Eye guys gave to Andrew Breitbart.


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