My take away on the Komen Foundation bad PR moves

The big political news story this week has been the decision made by the Komen foundation to stop funding Planned Parenthood and then their turn around to decide to continue sending money there. I suspect my take on the entire matter is very different from anyone else. I will state that I have never sent them money and I don’t believe I have ever done anything that would have sent money to them as in either buying pink items or supporting someone in one of their walks. All in all they are an organization that is really not one I pay attention to. It really had nothing to do with their organization and more with how I decided I would donate money to organizations.

However, I was really angry when I heard that they were giving grants to Planned Parenthood. It had nothing to do with my feelings on Planned Parenthood. It had nothing to do with my feelings on the Komen Foundation. What ticked me off is that I felt they had betrayed many who had supported them with their dollars. I have always thought that the money donated to Komen was used for breast cancer research. This is what has me mad. If I give money to a nonprofit organization unless it makes it very clear that the funds will be going to other nonprofits, I expect donations to be used by that organization and not given to other nonprofit organizations. The bottom line is that if I wanted to give to Planned Parenthood, I would give to Planned Parenthood. If I give to Komen, I am giving them the donation to use to support their organization. Sadly, I am now of the opinion that if Komen has so much money that they don’t need so they can give it to other nonprofits then they definitely don’t need my money. Don’t worry, I get enough mail with donation requests from much needier nonprofits. I am not turning my back on all nonprofits. Just those that are so large that they forget that they got that way through donations from those of us who noticed the change in our bank accounts.


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