More thoughts on the Occupy groups

In some ways I don’t know quite what to say about the ongoing protests by the Occupy group. As you will see from previous posts, I felt that they didn’t quite get the idea of protesting against big corporations when they were using products of the groups they were protesting against. Then, I realized that they are somewhat like the Tea Party group, except there are a bunch of them that realize that they are being paid to protest by the liberal politicians. Then, I noticed how much the democrats are trying to align with the groups much as the republicans tried to do with the Tea Party. Both parties have tried to play others against these groups and because they are in some ways hijacked by politicians, it enables them to once again play us against each other while they attend cocktail parties together after work. While there are some things that the two groups disagree with at the same time there is one big issue that the two groups totally agree on politicians have forgotten that they are elected by WE THE PEOPLE and let themselves be controlled by special interest groups. Now, I might actually agree with the occupiers a bit more if they were not embraced by so many special interest groups. Sadly, this is not the projection that they have done on the truly grassroots that started the Tea Party. Granted I do think some people and groups have tried to tie themselves to the Tea Party they really haven’t gotten the support of the Tea Party.

Sadly, while I have watched some groups in some cities be able to work to have a crime free protest, most cities have had a high amount of crime associated with those who are part of the protest. Of course, they also say that they don’t want those 99%ers to be welcome at their protests. But, I read something yesterday that totally changed my mind about this group. There is one little thing that they don’t realize or perhaps a few do and that is when you look at how good even the poorest in this country have it, we are all the 5% of the world that are the wealthiest. As I hear them tell their hardships stories, I realize that it is all about what they don’t have and what others have. But, there are a lot of people who would think they have a lot more than a lot of people. What I don’t hear them talk about is something other than what they have identified as the problem, what are they doing to make changes to the situation. Even before they protested, do donate their money or their time to make a change? Perhaps, they want for themselves more than they really want for others.


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