When 99 becomes 1

Their signs say that they make up the 99%. I’m still not sure what 99% they make up but as the protests continue I am beginning to see them as a 1%. When they demanded to be able to break the laws that have been set as civil disobedience did they realize that they began to use resources that were being taken from the other 99%. Then, they were joined by others who made up the 99% that they said they made up. But, they didn’t exactly embrace those who joined them. Those who prepared the food began to feel like some moochers were beginning to take advantage of the protests. Then there was the entire thing about the process to decide how to use the donations that have been sent to them. I read about complaints by some of the 99% that felt that there was too much paperwork and a small group had control of money. Wow, are we seeing that there is a 1% in that group of the 99%? They feel like unproductive members of the protest are mooching food and causing problems. Could it be that they are not taking advantage of the lessons they could learn about how people interact even in a system that they think is the ideal communist situation.

But, then I read about the occupy group that wasn’t getting a lot of press until they began to talk to the press about things being stolen and fights breaking out in their group, which they felt were being caused by the homeless that were joining their groups because of the free food and blankets they had. Their biggest complaint was that the police were not making enough of a presence in their area. So, here is a group who are gathering in civil disobedience and not paying the fees or getting permits that would also include additional security and then decide that they want special attention from the police or should I say they need the police to babysit them. When it became evident from their own comments that things were beginning to get out of control, the state decided to save them from themselves because the state could not provide the attention they required. Or should I say at this point 1% of the population (the protesters) were expecting to have resources that were being taken away from the other 99% of the population in order that they could continue to protest with enough police protection to protect themselves from themselves. So, they are demanding to have special treatment during their protests that no one else is receiving or has received in the past. (Remember that the state has required the Tea Party protests to get permits, insurance and probably portapotties.) But, they expect the state to bow down to their requests and provide them with more police which means that other areas are not getting covered or tax payers are paying for additional police hours. But, it doesn’t matter because they are the 99% protesting against the 1% who make more money and pay more taxes. However, what really is happening is that the 99% is becoming a 1% because of their demand for special treatment.


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