Do the Wall Street Protesters see the big picture or consequences of their actions?

Today, I got a better understanding of what is in the Wall Street protesters minds. However, as I thought about it, they really don’t get the big picture. They get that there is a very small number of people who make a lot of money that aren’t the President of the United States or a member of Congress, who they think should make less money. I think most people think that there are a few who make way too much money. But, when you look at it in another way, most people have felt that a co-worker makes too much money. We can’t control how much others make. You don’t like the way a corporation is run then make other choices as in fight within the organization, run for office so you can try to make laws to change how things are done. Or you can decide to just hang out with your buddies on Wall Street. I have been wondering how they are charging their phones and going to the bathroom and taking care of other business. Could it be that they are borrowing it from corporations without paying for it. The other thing that came to mind and I wish I could find it but it was a comment where someone pointed out that in Egypt when a dictator came to power, the way he did it was to turn the mobs against corporations, the wealthy so that he could divide them and conquer them. As the hand is directed toward a false enemy (who the dictator to be probably paid off) he was able to take power. It is pretty much the way that others have done it as well, such as the Bolsheviks, Mao, Castro, and Chavez.

Then, I read a comment that Steve Gill said about the protest in Nashville. It was comparing the Tea Party to the American Revolution and the Wall Street protesters to the French Revolution. His big point was that America did it by individuals joining together while the French did it in mob rule. A Tale of Two Cities is a great read about what it was like in France during the revolution. But, what came to mind for me, was what I seem to remember about what happened after the French Revolution, which happened to occur because of the fact the Americans were able to fight and win against the British, it was that they didn’t get a democracy, they got Napoleon.

Sadly, I fear that the protesters don’t know history well enough to realize that they are being used just the way that others were used. They don’t seem to realize that the unions who are now supporting them are in bed with the corporations they are protesting. Actually, the unions want to take over the corporations, and what better way than to have some college students take down the corporations so they can take them over…along with all that money that the evil heads earn.

I have said it before and I will say it again. The big difference here is that in all the other countries who got a dictator to replace the tyrant who had been in control had never tasted freedom. We The People, love our freedom and we will fight for it rather than join those who want to take it away from us.


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