Growth in states with no individual income tax

I wrote this comment on The Conservative Treehouse and after I posted it there, I realized that it would make a great post on this blog.  It is a way to look at the effectiveness of lower tax rates.  The thought started with me realizing that a great point to make in favor of lower tax rates is that the states that picked up the most seats in the Electoral College based on the 2010 census were Texas and Florida.  When I wrote this comment, I checked my facts and figures and realized that the majority of seats gained were in states with no state individual income tax.  Then, I wondered about the remaining states who do have a state income tax and noticed that they were all right to work states.  Finally, I looked at the states that lost seats to see if they either had no state individual income tax or were a right to work state.  Thus, the following comment was created.

When liberals talk about higher tax rates, look at the growth in states that have no individual income tax. A fast simple fact to use is that Texas, Florida, Nevada, Washington gained 8 seats in the electoral college because of growth over the last 10 years and the don’t have state individual income tax. Over 60% of the changes in the electoral college were gains by states that have no state individual income tax.

As a side note, the other states that each gained a seat were Arizona, Georgia, South Carolina and Utah, which are all right to work states. Interestingly, the only right to work states that lost seats were Iowa and Louisiana.

While checking the the states and their state income tax, I learned that Texas has no corporate income tax, but does have a gross margins tax. No wonder I have been hearing about so many corporations leaving California and New York for Texas.


3 thoughts on “Growth in states with no individual income tax

  1. bob says:

    Great information, Garnette. Confirms what we’ve always suspected, doesn’t it?

  2. Garnette, I know this post is over a year old, but I’m just now stumbling on it, and it’s genius! Good work here!

  3. garnette says:

    Thanks for the kind words. If you want to use the information in any way, please do.

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