By the way, inquiring minds want to know, where’s BO?

With his desire to not raise taxes but to increase revenues, I began to wonder more about how things are with his family.  Then, I realized that I haven’t seen pictures of Bo lately.  With all the traveling instead of cutting expenses, I began to wonder what is going on with Bo.  Who is taking care of him with all the jet setting the Obamas are doing?  I tried to find a recent picture of Bo with the family.  The latest one I found was one of him participating in the Easter games.  Hmmm, is Bo no longer needed as a photo op?  I wonder about this for the simple reason that many say that you can see a lot about a man’s character by how they interact with their dogs.  Now that the dog isn’t needed as much, we don’t see the photos of him.  So, how does this tie into my comment about his promise in December not to raise taxes?  Well, the language has changed to say increase revenues.  Where do revenues for the government come from? Taxes or fees, which in a way are a form of taxation.  So, unless they have figured out a way to raise raise revenue without raising taxes.  Obama has once again gone back on his word.  Just like he did when he said he was going to save a dog from death row rather than getting a pure breed.  Sure, Teddy gave him this dog, but he could have still saved another dog’s life.  Instead, he made this breed of dog into a hot ticket for others for a while.  Until Bo wasn’t trotted out as often because he wasn’t needed.  Just like when Obama needed to reach an agreement in December, he agreed to extend the current tax rates for two years.  Now, just a few months later, when the lower tax rates are no longer needed, he is pushing to increase the tax rates as he wanted to do in December.  Once again, just like Bo.  He really didn’t want to get a dog but had to because of something he said.  Now, that Bo did what he needed to do, he is only brought out when needed for pictures.

Just like Bo, so are the current tax rates.



3 thoughts on “By the way, inquiring minds want to know, where’s BO?

  1. bob says:

    Some people care about others only to the extent that they are useful to them. If you can be of some benefit to them, then you matter; the minute you aren’t, they drop you like a hot potato, and quickly forget you ever existed. (I actually had forgotten that the Obamas even owned a dog until you reminded me!)

  2. Trish says:

    Hmmm. Bo was on the Christmas card. And that dog is the girls’ dog. Was stated from the very beginning. Lots of picture of the two of them with the dog. I have something to say about almost every post here, Garnette. But this one was the easiest to respond to at 6:00am on New Year’s Eve. See ya in the election year. It’s gonna be a good ‘un.

  3. garnette says:

    But, look at the date of the post and how many pictures are now appearing of him as we enter into an election year. He rarely was seen for a long time and in the past month as you pointed out he was on the Christmas card and even was taken shopping at a pet store. Not too many pictures of the girls, unless it is for photo ops, just like poor BO.

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