Wow, local public television stations have to pay dues?

I just read this post and I was shocked by this part of the article.  I know it has been pledge time for the local PBS station so this really ticks me off.  First of all, it seems like it is always pledge time on PBS.  Second of all, they made a point of trying to keep it about local programming.  While I think they do a good job of it, the big picture part of it ticks me off, especially because I do have a general understanding of accounting and the fact that unless when you make a donation you make it restricted, the money can be used for anything.  There is more in the post about it, but it was a quote from another source, so I will use just this bit.


From Local Stations Are Canceling PBS Contracts

Who knew that local PBS affiliates even had to pay dues? This is the first we are hearing about it.


Yep, now that you realize that your tax dollars are supporting the liberal NPR and PBS, you can know realize that your pledge dollars do as well.  Wow!  I really don’t know what to think.  Here we are asked to donate our hard earned money to support our local public television station, and now it appears that a large portion of their budget actually ends up being paid as “dues” to the national part of PBS.  Sorry, after hearing this, I will no longer consider watching the channel or supporting it in any way.  I thought the money was supposed to go in the other direction, as in our tax dollars are sent to the local PBS channels to support local programming.

I would really like it if someone can make me feel better by explaining this in terms that basically say there are no dues to the parent organization.









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