Time Warp Picture time all the way back to 2004

Pictures of Sarah and Todd Palin eating at Panera in Pella reminded me of this event from 2004.  Sadly, it turned out to be just a really bad photo op.  (I know the same could be said about Sarah and Todd’s visit, but I do believe they enjoy eating at casual dining restaurants.

But, it was this part of the story that reminds us of how much a Democrat who says he is for the working man, is saying and doing one thing to the public and doing something else in private.

From Free Republic

When John Kerry, John Edwards and their wives descended on a Newburgh, N.Y., Wendy’s restaurant on Friday for a “light” lunch with the common people, it was all just a photo op.

Team Kerry-Edwards had already ordered their real lunches – consisting of five-star gourmet food from a tony local restaurant – with instructions to have the haute cuisine ready for pickup after the top Democrats ditched Wendy’s.

“A member of the Kerry advance team called Nikola’s Restaurant at the Newburgh Yacht Club the night before and ordered 19 five-star lunches to go that would be picked up at noon Friday,” MidHudsonNews.com reported on Sunday. “Management at the restaurant, which is operated by CIA graduate chef Michael Dederick, was told the meals would be for the Kerry and Edwards families and actor Ben Affleck who was with them on the tour.”

After tossing out their cheeseburgers and chili, Kerry and Edwards feasted on shrimp vindallo, grilled diver sea scallops, prosciutto, wrapped stuffed chicken and steak salad.

The meals came to about $200, MidHudson News said.


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