Actions speak louder than words, Rep. Bachmann

What happened with the leadership position you decided to take on in the 112th Congress?  You know, the one as head of the Tea Party Caucus, which you started in the House.  How many other Congress members have joined the Tea Party Caucus?  How have you worked with others in the Tea Party Caucus to put forward what those of us who embraced the idea of the Tea Party when it first started?

You gotta it, your actions are speaking a lot louder than the words you are speaking when you decide that you have enough leadership experience to run for President.  Or are you planning on doing what Romney did in 2008 in which he stepped down so that McCain would be the nominee.  Wasn’t there some suspicion that he did so with a promise of a VP nod and a promise to be the nominee in 2012?  How did that work for Romney, who created Romneycare?  He isn’t do too well in the polls, if Trump came close to his poll numbers as have you.

Let’s talk about who you actually seem to be the most like is Obama.  Come to think of it, it isn’t that much of a jump for you to go from Romneycare to Obamacare.  Yes, your words are that you want to repeal Obamacare, but as leader of the Tea Party Caucus what have you done to do so.  You know, how have your actions matched up with your words?  In the opinion of this voter, not well.  But, you are trying to sell yourself as a new and improved Sarah Palin.  However, you don’t have the executive experience or foreign relations experience to come close to being anything like Sarah Palin.  In fact, after hearing your interview on Fox yesterday, you reminded me of pResident Obama.  You came across as someone who will vote “present” so that you can say what you think people want to hear.  The problem is that while you say you have all this experience, your actions don’t show it.






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