Pieces of the puzzle

Have you ever had a friend whose spouse was cheating on them?  You could see the pieces of the puzzle laying out in front of you to the point where you wanted to put them together very easily for your friend to see.  As it was the movie ticket from a time when you knew where your friend was and it was not at that movie.  Then there was the receipt for the gas station out of the area along with the mysterious text giving the spouse an address and time.   When you asked the spouse about it, you didn’t get an answer.  All this pointed to a cheating spouse in your book.

However, deep down inside you knew that spouse well enough to know that sometimes things are not as they seem.  As time played out things began to fall into place.  The movie ticket ended up being to a movie that your friend would have hated but the spouse would love.  The gas station out of the area was right next to an one of a kind store where a gift was bought for your friend.  Oh, and the mysterious phone call was from someone who works with the spouse who knew the address of the store. While you were furious with the spouse for a few days, when you looked at the facts you could see that things were not as they appear.

It is also about the climate of the relationship as well.  Until the mysterious phone call, you never would have thought of your friend’s spouse cheating, but rather than look at it as a one time thing, you decided to build a case to show the spouse as a cheater.  Now, at the same time, if the spouse gets a lot of mysterious phone calls, then you can build the case for the cheating spouse.

So is life looking at politics.  It is about the pattern that is created not the votes here and there.  It is about looking at the big picture not the individual events.  Just like how the spouse couldn’t give you an answer sometimes it is about knowing things that can’t be broadcast to everyone because that would do just as much damage.  Sometimes things are not like they seem and you have to look at the road not taken as well.

If you had taken the other road would you have ended trapped at the end of the cliff or would it have been the smoothest road possible, It is hard to tell.  Would you have believed the person who told you that after the group of trees there was a 200 ft drop or would you have decided that because the road was great up to the trees that it had to be great after the trees.  While you may not like what you are seeing, at least you can see that the ground is somewhat flat rather than heading toward a 200 ft drop from a cliff.  Just like with the spouse you suspected of cheating and the wondering if the other road would have been better, you don’t know.  You may put the pieces together to come out with a cheating spouse and a road that is great after the group of trees, but in reality the spouse is totally devoted and after a lion chases you through the forest you have to decide whether you want to jump off the cliff or be eaten by the lion.  Well, actually you don’t have to worry about jumping off the cliff because the person who warned you made you take the other road because they knew about the lion, but didn’t want to broadcast it because the lion will be gone tomorrow.

Updated on June 19th with a rewrite.


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