About that birth certificate, I still have some questions I would like answered

You would probably consider me a birther but considering that the Hillary supporters are the ones who brought the birth certificate issue forward and I was never a Hillary supporter, I don’t consider myself a birther.  However, I have been following the birth certificate issue since it was brought up as an issue.  When I saw the one that Obama released I immediately felt like it was a fraudulent copy even though at the time I couldn’t put my finger on why.  A few things have come to mind over the time, besides what others have put forward, so until I find answers to those issues, I continue to not believe it is a copy of his original birth certificate.  I really have never believed that this was much of an issue to put forth because there are so many other things that can be discussed about his presidency as well as other issues, such as his admittance that his father was a British subject which gave him dual citizenship and his adoption by his stepfather who became his legal father that makes the whole birth certificate issue moot.

In regards to my issues with the birth certificate, I am sure my eyes picked up on things that I didn’t realize that made me suspect it was a fake.  For instance, I think the letters on the birth certificate are just a little too far apart, which is a big difference between typewriter type and computer type.  I also wonder why the twins birth certificate has a different registrar’s signature than Obama.  I would think that this is a position held by one person so the signature should be the same.  Besides the fact as many have noted U K Le Lee appears to be very similar to the word Ukelele. Finally, if he was adopted, why hasn’t his birth certificate been changed to show this?  As far as I know, once you are adopted or have your name changed then this is shown as changed on your birth certificate.

Then, today I read this post by Lame Cherry.  I found a copy of the birth certificate and blew up as large as I could the signature of  Dr. Onaka, and saw exactly what Lame Cherry points out is on the birth certificate.  (Sorry, Lame Cherry, I follow the advice of Reagan of trust but verify.)  So, I makes me wonder if it is like a point that was brought up earlier in that Obama intentionally brought out a fake copy of his birth certificate in order to create havoc with those who find issues with it because his supporters and the media will continue to believe him when he tells them whatever they want to hear.

I’m still wondering why Trump made such an issue of the birth certificate and then once it was released he shut up.  I remember hearing him say that experts would look at it.  I also remember him saying that he is used to seeing a lot of fraudulent documents in the real estate world.  I also remember that Trump was a Hillary supporter until she had the nomination stolen from her…and then he became a puma by supporting McCain.  Everything comes full circle.


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