Obama and the missing birth certificate and other documents

I haven’t really discussed the Obama birth certificate issue not because I think it is a birther issue but because there are a lot of things he has done that I think needs to be spotlighted.  However, I will just ask you a few questions so you can make a decision on how important you think it is.  Where is your birth certificate?  When was the last time you had to produce it for some reason, such as to get a job, get a passport or get a driver’s license?  Would you hire someone that refused to show you their birth certificate or other documentation that was requested?

I have read most of the theories that are out there about why Obama refuses to show WE THE PEOPLE his birth certificate.  I have my favorite theories.  But, what it comes down to is that HE has not shown us the respect that the President should by not filling in the blanks to his life.

Such as:

How did a C student transfer to Columbia University?

Student loans were not that available while he was in college, how did he afford to live and attend school in NYC?

How did he manage to go through a program where no one remembers him?

Why is he not in any of the yearbooks at Columbia?

What clubs or organizations did he join while he was at Columbia?

What name did he use while he was at Columbia?

Who paid for him to attend Harvard Law School?

Why did he not publish any articles in the Harvard Law Review?

Why did he relinquish his law license in Illinois?

Why does he use his birth father’s name, when he was adopted by his stepfather, did he legally change his name back?

These are just the ones that come to my mind, I’m sure that you have some you would like to add in the comments





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