Once Again, Bill Ayers says he wants royalities for Obama’s book

Remember the guy who Obama said was just a guy that lives in the neighborhood, Bill Ayers.  Well, Jack Cahill has written many posts on American Thinker giving analysis to show that Bill Ayers wrote “Dreams From My Father” by Barack Obama.  Remember the book that was so amazing that liberals used to show why Obama, the brilliant man who wrote it should be elected as President.  The only problem is that if you can find something that Obama has written, you will notice that the writing styles are totally different even to my untrained eye.

This isn’t the first I have read that Ayers has said in a jokingly manner that he wrote the book, and probably not the first time I have posted about it.   So, via Jack Cahill on American Thinker Ayers affirms he wrote Dreams From My Father.  It is also interesting to note that Ayers makes it clear that he didn’t write Audacity of Hope.  If nothing else, that makes it clear at least to me that there were two authors behind Barack Obama’s books.

So, finally, I have a request for Bill Ayers.  Please tell us how you really feel about Obama.  He is a man who I suspect you have known for the majority of his life, especially adult life.  I am sure you know him even better than his wife does.








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