Why do celebrities’ political opinions rank so high?

Explain this for me please. Charlie Sheen is in the news because he has done so many drugs and hookers, he has pretty much fried his brain.  People are laughing at him, not with him.  Yet, at the same time he is being seen as a hero by some college students, who want him to give the commencement address at their graduation.  I guess they admire a man who can play a character on tv that is only a stretch for him to play because he is much more an ass in real life.  He spends more money and time doing drugs and hookers than with his children.  And, this is a man that people are seeing as newsworthy????  Okay, I guess it is newsworthy because it is a way to dumb down America so that the movie Idiocrasy soon is reality rather than a futuristic satire.

So, it just happens that Sean Penn happens to be Charlie Sheen’s best friend.  One big difference between them is that Sean Penn manages to keep his behavior as blind items rather than headline news.  But, even some of the stories that have quietly leaked out shows he is an ass, especially toward women.  Granted, he is a good actor, but that is his profession and yet he seems to be able to spout of about politics and call even those of us educated in politics idiots because we don’t have the same views.  Why is it that his love for socialism and dictatorships are viewed as newsworthy?  Well, I might just have the answer to my own question.  Is it that those who agree with him either want to be part of the inner circle of a dictatorship so they reap the benefits of that type of government?  Or is it that people listen to them because they really haven’t studied different forms of government or even US history to understand why socialism would destroy the republic that was formed by the states that together decided to form the United States of America?

What do you think the answers are? Why have people embraced the trainwreck going on with Charlie Sheen and would they do the same if it was a man who was homeless?  Why do they listen to someone who manages to hid similar behavior when it comes to spouting off political stuff?

I will say that although I disagree with Sean Penn on his politics, he does have a right to say what ever he wants to say.  However, I don’t think that he should visit countries when the government does not allow travel by citizens to those countries.  It is sad that while he visits those countries as a guest of the leader he only sees what the leader wants him to see.  He then speaks out on the positives of the government and country without dealing with the negatives that the citizens of that country has to live with on a daily basis.  Thus, what I disagree about is that because he is an actor his views are given more weight than those of any other citizen of this country.  If he wants to speak out politically, he needs to do responsibility and not as a celebrity.  Sadly, I wonder how much he speaks out politically as a way to feed his celebrity drug.  Just as Charlie Sheen needs to feel his celebrity drug since it gives him a high just as doing drugs and hookers does.


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