Cooking comps bore me because they go for the cook who doesn’t take risks

So, I am posting on something that is not political, but it has been on my mind lately. I don’t enjoy watching sitcoms because the jokes are not funny and it is all about sex. I am definitely not a prude but I get tired of the fact that sitcom humor has become all about making sexual comments or scenes. I watched one episode of Cougar Town and couldn’t believe that the sexual talk between friends was tmi for me to even share with my friends. The final scene where she was shown obviously going down on a guy was a way over the line for me.

So, getting tired of the lame jokes about sex on sitcoms what does a non-cook end up watching? I got into watching the cooking shows that lead me to watching the cooking competitions. But, sadly, I have gotten to the point where I can’t enjoy the majority of those shows anymore for one simple reason. I can pretty much predict that the person who plays it safe and does a dish I could do will win that weeks show while the person who uses their imagination and thinks outside the box but doesn’t perform as well will go home. When creativity is one aspect, don’t send that person home just because their dish failed when the person who makes the simplest dish stays. Also, I refuse to watch Chopped now with that woman who always has that look on her face like she smells something horrible will find fault with the women chefs the most so she can get them out of her arena so she can be queen bee. I see her as a judge and the tv channel is changed. I can handle formula shows, but not when I can predict what will happen within 5 minutes of the show. Also, I can handle drama, but not over the top drama. I would rather watch the cooking and the natural drama then to have a lot of drama being created to make the show. Even though I really don’t cook, I have picked up some hints from watching the shows.


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