Obama partying more important than questions on our taxes

The big news today is that Obamacorn left President Clinton to lead a presidential press conference because dear wifey had been left waiting for 30 minutes so that they could go to the White House Party. First thought, once again he is putting partying before work. But, then other pictures came to mind and it would make a nice post to put them all in one place.

Is he wondering if we won’t notice what he is missing if he holds his hands right there?


Looks like he is thinking that we won’t know he is the President if the seal isn’t on the podium when he speaks.


Let the man who can do while he decides to party

So is this what he really thought being president was all about – keeping wifey happy and partying while real men do the work?

After two years, he looks and acts less presidential than he did when he first became president. So, much for on the job training. God help this country. How weak is he appearing to leaders of other countries when he walks away from a key issue of his presidency to go to a party by leaving a civilian to answer questions from the press. (As far as I know a former president is to be called by the president title but I don’t believe he is anything but a civilian after leaving office.)


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