What was so funny about your Christmas tree comment, Joy Behar?

I really didn’t get the joke, and it didn’t sound like anyone else did or they like me realized it was a way to insult the blind to make you feel better about yourself.

I’m a bit confused because I thought that liberals always were compassionate and tolerate of others, especially people with disabilities. But, today on the view, Joy Behar was describing how terrible of a job she had done on her tree. How did she describe it? She said that it looked like Stevie Wonder decorated the tree. What is even worse, is that her comment was so horrible that she had to explain her “joke.” It was such a horrible comment I can’t even call it a joke, although she was laughing the loudest at her “joke.” Gee, what a nice joke to make using a person’s disability as a way to describe how horrible a job she did on her tree. Oh, yeah, I get it now. It is okay for liberals to make fun of people’s disabilities if it makes them look like they are better than someone else. Remember, that Obama set the bar that low when he compared his bowling abilities to the Special Olympics.

All I got to say if being a liberal means that you are mean to others and make sarcastic jokes about others that make you feel better about yourself, I’ll take being a compassionate and tolerant conservative because I am a person who would help someone with a disability rather than find them as “comedy” material to use.


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