My thoughts on TSA and new airport security

I apologize in advance, this post may get a bit yucky to read but it has to be said. On the news today, the stories coming out about the TSA and the new choices of of either having porn pictures taken of you or to be groped and felt up by TSA agents are making the headlines. I am hearing accounts being told of men having their pants unzipped in front of everyone so that the TSA agents can pat down all of them. I am hearing about the idea of the Opt out day so that rather than having a porn picture that can make the rounds of the Internet taken of you, you will opt for the pat down.

I have come thisclose three time in my life to terrorist attacks. I know it happens and has happened for many decades. No matter what is done, terrorists will find a way to attack those they want to attack. Airplanes have just become a way to do so. Back in the 1970s, trains in Europe were usually the places that terrorists attacked. Many train stations didn’t have lockers in them, because the lockers would go boom. I like to fly and don’t really mind the security that much. Well, lately for some reason the underwires in my European bras have set off the machines, so I have to have the wand go over my body to check what is causing the machines to be set off. After the last time, I thought I might have to just take off my bra before I go through security in order to avoid setting off the machine.

So, it is with the ideas of TSA agents groping people in their private parts and my need to go trough security braless really put some thoughts in my head. The first is that I don’t want to have a picture taken of me naked and I don’t think anyone else would like to see it. Then, I thought about them patting me down if I don’t have a bra on. Hey, when I was growing up, I believe that was considered second base. But, then I wondered about the groping in the underwear area and this is where it gets kind of disgusting. First of all, most women have that time of the month or as some say the time when their Aunt Flo visits. And, for some women, it is a really yucky time of the month. Yep, can you imagine what it will be like to either have a picture taken or to be patted down at that time of the month? Or what about older people who have a bit of bladder issues and who for various medical conditions that cause them to have to be patted down. Or maybe that is the solution, we all prepare on our day of flying by wearing adult diapers. It will be a long day so might as well be prepared for not having the time to use a restroom. Go ahead, make my day and dare to grope me down there.

Updated to ask question. How invasive is the x ray machine. Will it show the innards of people’s bodies? I ask this based on my point about women’s menstrual cycles. Will it show that a woman is wearing a tampon? Will they wonder if it is something else and cause women to be checked more “intimately”? Also, would it also show if a woman has an iud? If so, wouldn’t this be a violation of privacy, I know like that rest of it isn’t a violation of privacy. But, it seems to me that showing this information as part of an x-ray appears to be an illegal search because it would show things that a person doesn’t want others to see. I don’t want others to know when I am wearing a tampon and yet without my permission it is there for all TSA agents to see.


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