Bill Ayers retires from teaching but denied emeritus status

Bill Ayers recently retired from teaching. However, due to some of his earlier activities in life, the poor thing was not given emeritus status. Gee, I am surprised that after the Kennedy’s stood by his buddy, Barack Obama (by the way is his name still legally Barry Soetoro) that Robert Kennedy’s son would stand up to Bill Ayers and say that because the Weather Underground dedicated The Prairie Fire to Sirhan Sirhan along with other “political prisoners.” What is even worse is that the MSM is standing by Bill Ayers because the bombings that the Weather Underground did were nonfatal. Remember that nonfatal means that no one died not that no one was injured. And considering the blotched Fort Dix bomb that exploded and killed a couple of women in the Weather Underground wouldn’t that mean that they were responsible for deaths due to their bombs?From Founding Bloggers

Michelle Malkin has a great article about it including links to Zombie’s posts about Prairie Fire. I made it to page 26 of Prairie Fire before I threw up in my mouth a little and couldn’t read another word of it. You know the one problem with him retiring is that this means he has more time to spend in the White House.

In looking for articles on how he has visited the White House and it not being reported I found this great article. Bill Ayers and Obama – Why It’s Important Toward the bottom of the article is a section about reports that Bill Ayers has visited the White House, which they deny. You decide if you believe it. I would almost wouldn’t put it past the White House to have visitors with similar names just so they could make a denial…naw, they make denials even when the proof is in front of their eyes.

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