George Soros the man behind the curtain

So many times I have made mention of George Soros in a conversation and as a response from the other person I get a blank stare. This weekend I got into a unplanned political discussion with a progressive friend of mine. She describes herself as left of Obama. Sadly, I think she has just bought into the idea that the government should take care of us without really knowing what she is talking about. If you try to talk to her about it she just spews the democrat talking points of it is all Fox News and Bush’s fault. She even blamed the division between parties on Fox News. Because she is in liberal world she doesn’t realize the hatred that is spewed on those who have a different opinion than liberals. I was able to respond very well to her joke about birthers to the point where I gave her a nice out since she couldn’t respond to what I said because there is no talking point for it. Hey, we are friends and we were having a nice conversation before we drifted to politics. Besides, I gave her something to think about. I did forget to tell her that the whole birth certificate issue was starting by Hillary supporters, you know Democrats!!!! However, I do wish I had thought of George Soros during that part of our conversation. I think I will now start any conversation with a liberal with: do you know who George Soros is? You don’t, then go home and really research him and then I will talk politics with you.

This post actually started as a way to link this fabulous post about George Soros. Until people realize how much money he is making on this taking economy, how much he influences the stock market and what he is all about there will continue to be division among us. I do blame him for a lot of what is going on in this country right now. I wish others would put the pieces together on him and speak out about him.

From American Thinker Covering up for George Soros


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