Obama has put this country in chronic pain

I deal with chronic pain. I usually have it under control but sometimes, like today, nothing works to make me feel better. The way I describe the pain on days like today is that it feels like someone used my body as a punching bag. It dawns on me that this is pretty much what is going on with Obamacorn. On some days we feel better but on other days the country seems to be used as a punching bag by Obamacorn and his cronies. On these days I realize I have a choice I make each and every day. Do I allow the pain to become my way of life or do I manage it the best I can until a better day comes along? I know that if I really wanted to I could allow this pain to define me or I can decide to define the pain. It is the same with citizens of the USA. We can either decide to allow the pain to take us over and surrender to it or we can decide to fight it and keep moving with it. I know I will find a way to make even the bad days be better. It may take me a while but I will find a way.

Even though we are waiting for November to stand up and vote so that those in DC will know what we want. We have learned an important lesson from Obamacorn. We have learned that we have to watch all those who work for us in DC as well as in state and local areas. They tend to forget that we pay their salaries and are their employers. They seem to get the idea in their heads that we work for them.

It is a funny thing about this chronic pain, exercise and moving helps it. I actually hurt more if I stay immobile and try to nurse the pain. It is the same with the chronic pain we are in as a country, we can’t just sit back and wait for our monthly check to come in as we complain about our aches and pains. We have to fight the pain and define who we are in spite of it not let it tell us who we are!

And, yes, I dread having to deal with Obamacorn Care with this chronic pain because I am sure it will not rate high on the scale for them because some doctors don’t think it is real. However, I have found vitamins to work the best. Of course, that leads me to worry about the rumors I have heard that the government wants more control over vitamins and herbal remedies. But, I will fight and figure out a way around anything that he does when it comes to taking care of this pain.


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