We’ve come a long way baby, please don’t forget it

I wrote a post a bit earlier today about the “honor killings” of two teenage girls by their father. It definitely struck a nerve with me that has to do with how women act in the 21st century. I can remember a time when if a woman was married she really had no identity outside of her husband. She refered to herself by his name with just a MRS in front of it. When a woman was still considered property of her husband to a certain degree.

This month marks the anniversary of the adoption of the Suffrage Amendment. Each year I am reminded of the women who fought hard for the right to vote as I am each time I vote. Do other women realize how long of a fight it was for women to gain the right to vote? Do they know that Wyoming was the first state to allow women to vote? Do they know that the common reason given for women to not have the right to vote was that the man was voting for the household and the wife didn’t need her own vote since she would be voting the same way he did?

There are times when I see our standing as women moving two steps back each year. Granted, women are now in professions that used to be male dominated and have titles that used to be reserved for men. But, do they understand what women had to endure in order that those are possibilities for them?

This isn’t so much about career choices that are now possible for women, but how women seem to act. They see dressing wearing short hems low cut dresses as a way to express their sexual beings. They think they are being sexy, I recall the way the hookers dressed in 80s movies. I say this because even in the 60s sexual revolution, it wasn’t about sex, it was about being a woman and having the freedom to make choices. Maybe there were many choices made that took this country down the wrong path, but it was still about having choice in their lives. Now, it seems like the dressing sexy is to fit in and be seen as grown up women. Sadly, they don’t realize the fights women had to fight so that they can now dress like they do. I remember a time when I was told I had to wear suits that were similar to how men dressed so that I wouldn’t be seen too much like a woman. I remember the time when how a woman was dressed would be used against her in rape trials. And, now women think that dressing to entice men sexually is cool. Do they realize that instead of building on the foundations set by millions of women over many decades they are taking what has been given to them and basically giving those women a punch in the face. Just as they do when the find fault with conservative women and do not argue against their policies or platform but instead degrade them as women. These women are the feminists of the 21st century, believe it or not.


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