Can liberals talk politics without using profanity to make a point?

There are times when I use profanity…usually when the computer is not responding the way I want. Years ago I remember being told that when you use profanity you are showing your ignorance because you can’t come up with a better way to express yourself. I remember that on a daily basis, especially when I hear words that were considered horrible when I was growing up now words used in television commercials. I remember the shock of seeing where someone had scrawled the name of a principal at the local high school along with the word with what they thought of him. I can’t even write the word on this blog but yet now it is used every day to say that something is bad. It is sad because most people probably don’t have a clue where the term came from and what the meaning was when it became profanity.

So, I say this about profanity because as I read this post by Michelle Malkin and “feminist” comedians who use profanity to make their “jokes.” I don’t find most comedians funny because when you have to use profanity to get a laugh that must mean that your idea isn’t really that funny. I still laugh at the humor or the greats from the 30s, 40s and 50s. I saw a few scenes from a Bob Hope movie and the way he could use his body language and facial features in a scene in order to get laughs still works today. He didn’t need to use a cuss word in order for someone to realize that he was in deep trouble…just a look could convey that message. Today, it would be three pages of profanity said by an actor with a botoxed face to convey that in a scene.

With that I have to say that it is the same with political comedians. There was a time when a comedian could make political jokes without having to resort to using profanity and/or threatening violence. They could intelligently convey their thoughts and feelings on a political topic without having to use profanity as a way to distract from the fact that when it boils down to it they have no idea what is really going on. They have just bought the liberal hype that conservatives are bad and need to be destroyed. I say bring it on, let’s have a conversation where without the use of profanity and the typical talking points we can discuss what is going on. You might actually learn something as we don’t let them continue to divide and conquer us. (And, by talking points I mean blame Bush and try to discredit my thoughts by telling me I get it from watching Fox News…I don’t watch Fox News.)


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