Poor Michelle Obama just needed a vacation…in Spain

There are some news stories I don’t post about not because they don’t interest me but because pretty much everyone else is saying what I want to say better than I can say it. Michelle Obama’s trip to Spain was one of those stories. Then, I read this article on Newsbusters and felt like it needed to be a post of mine. It seems to be the item that has pushed even huge Obamacorn supporters over the edge of being able to blindly support him. At a time when we feel it in our wallets, she is doing something over the top without a care of how it looks to others. Thus, the reason I like this article.

In reading this article and other articles around the web that threw out some theories about the true reason for the trip that have to do with his Muslim connections, I am wondering what you think about this trip. I don’t remember anything being said or done about his birthday last year. So, why did Michelle decide that the only time that she could travel to Spain was on his birthday…and why did he decide to make a rare trip to Chicago on his birthday. What did they do last year for his birthday? Besides the whole economic issues of this taxpayer funded getaway, there could be some other eye opening reasons for this trip. As this article and others have stated, why did she need to go overseas for her vacation when staying in the USA could have helped the economy. Maybe she could have set a precedent by having a Presidential Staycation this year…which most people are having to do.


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