Businesses lobby for amnesty for illegal aliens

Wow, businesses want to hire people that break the law. In 2007, Tennessee passed the Illegal Alien Employment Act. This allows businesses to be reported for hiring illegal aliens. So, as we have a 9.5% reported unemployment level, rather than hire citizens who need jobs, what do these businesses want to do. They are lobbying for the government to make it easier for them to keep these workers. My question to them is this. If immigration reform makes it easier for them to become citizens and they now have to pay taxes and such as citizens or guest workers, aren’t they going to want higher wages? Once they want higher wages, aren’t you going to decide it is easier to just keep hiring illegal aliens who won’t want to be paid as much?

Overall my thoughts are this…if companies are willing to cut corners by hiring illegal aliens at a lower wage, what other corners are they willing to cut?


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