Come on MSM, tell us the real story not the one you create

So, here are a few links in the news today that I want to connect together. It is all about the media trying to destroy Breitbart because of the story that he broke. Now, what is interesting to me is that the media does this to the right and conservative candidates without a second thought.

Case in point was a few days ago. I don’t watch the news on any of the mainstream stations. I happened to turn on the television when I saw a quote from a tweet posted by Sarah Palin on ABC. I couldn’t believe it, well actually I could, but they took a selected phrase from her tweet and used that as what she said. By doing so, they totally changed the meaning of her tweet. A tweet is 144 characters, but in order to change their story, and use Sarah Palin as a source, they shortened her tweet so it would agree with their message. So, they could not even use the entire tweet because it didn’t give them the story they wanted to have. They are now doing the same thing with the Breitbart news story, except worse. They are taking what happened with him out of context so that they can make him the story to remove the real story from people’s minds.

From Gateway Pundit
Breitbart on Shirley Sherrod: “If Anybody Reads the Sainted, Martyred Sherrod’s Entire Speech, This Person Has Not Gotten Past Black vs. White”

Palin Lashes Out at Media for Recently Revealed & PROVEN Coordinated Attacks On Her During 2008 Election

From Ace of Spades HQ
HuffPo Reveals Coordination On Right


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