Fed up with taxpayers footing the bill for elected officials to campaign

So, here is an idea. Taxpayers get put on the hook for paying the millions of dollars that politicians use to campaign – for other politicians. They find a legitimate reason to be in the same area as where they need to campaign, and then the entire trip is paid for by taxpayers. I think they need to prorate the amount of time they spend campaigning and the amount of time they spend campaigning and split the cost between the taxpayers and whatever politicians or party is getting their time. Seems fair to me. For instance, Biden made a trip to Tennessee the other day. Wow, he made a quick stop by the Grand Ole Opry to see the flood damage. Remember that a large portion of the city was damaged, but the Grand Ole Opry is one of the closest flooded areas to the airport. Wow, finally the White House is taking an interest in the Tennessee flood, although almost 2 1/2 months later. So, the taxpayers get to pay for his trip to Nashville to spend a few minutes checking out one of the areas that got flooded. Also, one of the last places to be flooded.

But, wait what ends up being the headline story about why Biden was in Nashville? Biden in town for the Democratic Party Jackson Day. It is a fundraising party for democrats. Guess what, you paid for Biden to party in Music City. So, with a quick stop by the Grand Ole Opry to look at the flood damage and the repairs that have been made, he then was driven to the fundraiser, which was held at Belmont University Curb Center. It was roughly a two hour event. So, with a trip for a two hour event with a 30 minute stop along the way, it becomes up to the taxpayers to pay for it.

Just to note, I am against this by both parties. We don’t pay the salary of our elected officials so they can campaign. We pay them to protect and serve this country, just as we do the armed forces. It is time they step up to the plate and do the job they told us they were willing to do and stop legislating for their own greedy selves. And, for those that don’t realize it, this is one of the many things that the Tea Party is trying to stop.


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