Tea Parties are making a difference

I saw a headline on the cover of a magazine that asked the question of what can progressives learn from the Tea Partiers in order to take back Main Street. It got me thinking about when did progressives ever own or control Main Street in order to want to take it back. Then, it dawned on me that progressives don’t like Main Street at all. Think of small town USA with Main Street, what do you find on Main Street? It is made of Mom and Pop stores that were built on America dreams of capitalism. Capitalism is the antithesis of progressives. The word that really explains their desire to take back Main Street is that they want to control Main Street. I found the article on line and read a bit of it. The part that was interesting is how upset they are with Obamacorn’s inability to push forward the progressive movements ideals. However, it is sad that they don’t get it. They don’t understand that many of the issues that Tea Partiers have is that government control of our lives is not what we want. We are adults and can make our own decisions. We do not need progressives to take over Main Street America in order to tell us that we can’t eat food with salt in it because salt is bad for us or that we can’t drink sodas that have sugar in it. In fact, we don’t want them to try to explain to us why people who are criminals the second they step food in this country are just trying to start a better life for themselves. Instead, they need to look at many of those criminals and see that they continue to be criminals in this country by smuggle drugs and humans into this country, form gangs that take up resources in most states that are paid for by taxpayers. Then, they need to look at the list of victims of crimes by these that they think are here to make a better life for themselves. On the list they will see the woman who was violently raped and murdered by her next door neighbor, the man riding his motorcycle home that was killed by a drunk driver or the couple driving home killed by a drunk driver or even the child who was sexually molested and murdered. While I can hear the arguments that citizens commit these same type crimes. My response to those who say that is but if the criminal wasn’t in the country, chances are those people would still be alive or at least would not have died at the hands of illegal immigrant.

And, while we are at, let’s stop calling liberals and democrats that we need to call them what they are and that is progressives. We need to assist moderate democrats who believe that anyone who calls themselves a democrat is that…and help them see those who are truly progressives as opposed to a democrat.


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